What the Cards Say

The other day, I drew Major Arcana cards.

Hestia gave me the Strength card, Hecate gave me the Star, and Hermes gave me the High Priestess.

Yesterday, my husband and I had date day so I didn’t get the time to read the cards, but I feel like I can keep them up on my altar as a reminder for a while.


Hestia is telling me that I have to find the thorn in the lion’s paw – when it comes to family, figure out what’s bothering you and take the thorn (this case it’s a gear) out of the lion’s paw.

I have an issue with one of my family members. A while ago, she did something that hurt my feelings and I haven’t fully forgiven her for it. I hold terrible long grudges. When I went to see my mom on her birthday/anniversary, this specific family member did not apologize for the way she acted, but instead got more obnoxious and singled me out more than once.

I’m the youngest of two so I’m always the baby – even though I’m 30 – so treating me as a teenager makes me incredibly mad. This person singled me out and told everyone in the room I forgotten she was my godmother. Honestly, I didn’t forget, but forgot that both she and my mom’s youngest sister are my godmothers.

She would also tell my mom that we’re going to have dinner together when she hasn’t planned at all with me. I haven’t done anything to cause this behavior, but just shrugged it off. All this person really wanted was attention.

Being treated like I’m a toddler is the worst. I absolutely hate it. One of the reasons most of my family members don’t see me as a complete individual with achievements, dreams, and a future is because of their lack of interest in my life. They continue to ignore me when I talk about what I want to do when I get out college, what I’m doing at my internship, or [insert adult thing]. It’s extremely infuriating and it undermines all the work I’ve put into getting to where I am.


Hecate gave me the Star. Today, I watched this video on the subject of destiny and reading the Tarot.

The Star represents a renewed hope and that the worst is over for me. I had a rocky time getting to where I am now. Hecate wants me to follow my intuition and trust the Universe (the Gods) right now and be aware of the moments when I feel like this is the right thing to do.

Also, there might some astrology-symbolism and Hecate is telling me to watch the skies.

The High Priestess

More twin pillar symbolism! I think Hermes is telling me to balance everything out before I do any kind of magic or any kind of work for that matter. I also believe that this to show me that I need to experience the Gods instead of just reading about them.

I also think that He’s telling me that I can’t quite talk to my husband about my religion/spirituality and that this may become a problem in the future.

My husband is a very skeptical atheist who detests religion in any form so it’s hard to explain to him what I believe without undermining what I believe or what I do. I like using the language he can understand and agree with, but I also don’t want to anger any of the Gods I worship.

In conclusion….

Since I got a Marseilles deck, I’ve also been using the Tarot a lot especially for mundane questions. The thing I’m pondering isn’t totally mundane, but it’s something that I want to do spiritually.

Since I got the Star card from Hecate, I feel like I should pursue Hellenic polytheism as well as domestic witchery. I feel like this is one of my soul’s purposes (not totally sure though). Every time I think or adore the Gods I feel love in my heart (especially to Hermes). I drew the cards this morning to see if this is the right thing to do.

I believe the cards were telling me that in the near future I’d feel overwhelmed and imbalanced, which makes sense because I start school and internship this fall. I also feel that I’m not as disciplined as I was in my early twenties. Although, I am trying to ease my anxiety, chronic stress, and IBS so that usually means lying down on the couch after I eat and playing Skyrim, Fallout 4, or Dragon Age: Inquisition. I actually have to lie down sometimes so I can digest food and playing video games calms me down.

(Well, certain ones. I don’t think I’d want to play Prey [YouTube video *warning spoilers*] or Hellblade [ also a YouTube video *warning spoilers*] to calm my nerves).

I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time lying down. I’m a super productive person who has to be doing something ALL THE TIME, but I usually when I get in these moods, I’m stressed out. So to combat stress, I’ve put all my goals, chores, internship stuff, and everything in Google Keep so it’ll show up in my calendar for each day. This has helped tremendously especially one of those days when I feel sick.

I also feel that the cards are indicating the Uranus mid-life crisis stage of my life. The spread was probably showing me that and my life choices in connection to becoming a Hellenic polytheist because the outcome was The Fool (as well as Hecate’s card), which usually indicates the soul’s journey.

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