I’m Not Wiccan – I’m a witch

I’m not Wiccan. I’m a witch. I feel that witchcraft is a magical practice where Wicca is a religion that’s made for witchcraft.

(Note: This is my experience with Wicca. I understand that there may be exceptions to the rules, but I don’t care. I’m sick of hearing that only true witches believe in [insert Wiccan belief] or only practice [insert Wiccan practice] – and that’s simply not true.

Also, to me, Wicca is a specific religion. It’s a fertility initiatory religion that centers on a God and Goddess, holidays that celebrate the changing seasons (supposedly), reincarnation and karma (their own type not the Hindu type), and has a moral compass that tells you to absolutely not harm anything.)

My Reasons for not following Wicca

1. One of the many problems I have with Wicca is that the holidays don’t match up where I live. No, I don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here the winters are long. When it’s Imbolc to Valentine’s Day is the coldest time of the year. Supposedly this is a time where the sun’s light and heat are waxing. I try to get into this mindset, but it just doesn’t work.

Lammas doesn’t doesn’t line up either. Apparently this is the first harvest? Where it gets colder…Only August here is very hot like melt your eyeballs hot.

So, I don’t practice the Wiccan Sabbats.

2. The Wiccan Rede

Another problem I have with Wicca is that I feel like the Wiccan Rede doesn’t make any sense. It’s hard to go through life without hurting others whether that’s plants, animals, or other humans. I think this was thrown in here so that people wouldn’t curse each other or to make Wicca look good to the other religions. Who knows.

3. Threefold Goddess and the Horned God

I’ve always felt that the Wiccan Goddess is pigeon-holed by Her biology where Her power only comes from giving birth and having children. I’m a child-free woman and this “facet” doesn’t connect with me. I also feel that the God is pigeon-holed by His sexuality. Men aren’t just sexual beings. The God is so much more than His “horns.”

Also, I don’t see the Gods as parents. This just invites dysfunction.

4. The many, many Wiccan Tools and Correspondences

Wicca is all about correspondences. It’s ridiculous. Everything has a correspondence to it (the directions, the moon phases, the rocks, the herbs……) I feel like this lessens the power of Gods, herbs, stones, etc. Also, I’m not big on the ceremony and it’s ceremonial tools. Although, I have used the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

5. Drawing Down the Moon/Sun

Lately, I felt that “drawing down the moon/sun” was disrespectful somehow to the Moon or Sun God or Goddess.

True witches…

What really gets my goat is that people say only true witches believe in the Wiccan Rede, true witches don’t believe in Satan….Blah, blah, blah. I hate this white knight badge that people stick on witchcraft. Witches have been cursing for YEARS. Witches don’t have to believe in the Goddess and the God. They can be atheists. They can be Satanists! Witchcraft is NOT Wicca.

*Throws her hands up in disgust*

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    I agree wholeheartedly. One of the reasons that I came to Paganism was that my childhood was absorbed with judgment. From others, from me, to others, to me. It was how I was raised and taught a good person should be…judging others, and condemning those who weren’t “believers.” To me, SOME (not all!) Wiccan followers have this same type of judgment going on. I came to this path partly to get away from all of that. Part of the beauty of Paganism is that there are so many different paths to take! For someone to come to me and say I’m not a “true witch” is the same thing as a Christian coming to me and saying I’m not a “true believer”. It’s discriminatory, and awful. Contrary to this, I absolutely LOVE seeing everyone’s differences in their paths, their practices, and their beliefs! That’s why I don’t really classify myself as anything specific, besides “Pagan.” I don’t think anyone even needs classification! You are who you are, and you don’t need a label. 🙂


    1. I can see you’re not a true Wiccan argument to someone who claims to be Wiccan while not initiated into a coven, but I don’t understand this argument directed to someone who calls him/herself a witch. How does any one know what a witch is and how those witchy experience play out?

      I have never experienced you’re not a true witch if you don’t do this or that yet, but I’ve seen numerous posts on WP about how real witches don’t sacrifice goats or real witches don’t worship Satan and I think their aim is to sweep all the “misconceptions” about witchcraft under the rug. To be honest, I think those misconceptions are the true definitions of witchcraft and we’re (not just you or me but everyone under the New Age and/or the pagan umbrella) have the wrong definition of witchcraft, which is fine, but I wish people would stop saying true/real witches don’t do this or do that.

      I think for the most part, people get these ideas from the New Age books we read *cough* Llewellyn *cough* as well as books that use Wicca/Witchcraft interchangeably.

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  2. Wiccans remind me of Christians; they follow an invented and artificial religion composed of pieces taken from other religions. I wish everyone were a polytheist within the ethnic religion of their own ancestors: We all owe remembrance and reverance to our ancestors and their Gods.

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    1. “Wiccans remind me of Christians; they follow an invented and artificial religion composed of pieces taken from other religions.”

      I think most religions are composed of pieces from other belief systems, practices, etc, but yes, Wicca is no exception. What gets me is that some Wiccans believe that their religion is the Old Religion. It’s not!

      “I wish everyone were a polytheist within the ethnic religion of their own ancestors: We all owe remembrance and reverance to our ancestors and their Gods.”

      If that became true, I would be a Scottish/Celtic polytheist. My family a few generations back came from Scotland and Wales (we’re also a Freemason family). Not that Scottish polytheism is bad, it just doesn’t call to me. This is my dad’s side. I don’t know anything about my mom’s side.


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