Day Eight and Nine

I’m meditating and connecting to my Gods every day!

On the 30 day challenge, day eight was all about meditating. Day nine is all about connecting with the Gods.

As you probably know, I’ve made a schedule for my daily practice/taking care of myself.

This is a working schedule especially if I wake up late, have work, or got o school. Daily Devotionals are a must. I always clean out Hestia’s, Hecate’s, and Hermes’ offering glasses and re-fill them with water, tea, cider, or milk.

For meditation, I use Meditation Studio app on the iPhone. I’m not sure if it’s on Android or whatever, but definitely worth checking out.

I love the suggestions for making magic every day. One of my biggest witchy goals is to practice this way every day. Although, the type of meditation I do is to help relieve stressful and anxious thoughts from my busy, busy head.