Summer Thermistice, Full Moon, Tarot, and Day Seven

Yesterday was Summer Thermistice and the full moon. I’d like to do something today, but have no idea what exactly.

Yesterday was also my mom’s birthday so I couldn’t do that much. I want to do something special, but I have to work today – just for a little while.

Anyway, my mom collects Tarot cards and I found these in an abandoned tote in the shed.

I don’t even bother buying Tarot cards anymore. I get them all from my mom.

These are the Marseilles Tarot. Apparently. one of the many decks that most modern Tarot is based off of.  I could see why my mom bought these and then threw them away.

The drawings and paint are very crude, but there are based off of the Marseilles deck.

She also gave me some of the Tarot reading books that seem better than the one I got with my Steampunk Tarot. I feel like the Steampunk Tarot would be good for spiritual stuff and the Marseilles deck would be good for mundane life stuff.

My mom did give me the Steampunk Tarot a long time ago so that’s why I included it.


Today is day seven in the challenge. Today we’re finding a Yoga pose and sticking with it.

I think I’m a bit ahead of everyone because I’ve been doing Yoga since this month has started. And I chose one without even knowing that was in the challenge!

Since I’ve first came across it, I’ve been doing the complete breath pose every morning. It’s been great. I’ve used it to center myself after meditating.

By the way, structuring my practice has worked out great. I know a lot of Pagans shy away from structure, but I think we could use it. Actually putting meditating or Yoga or whatever in my schedule has helped me make room for my practice in my life and has not allowed me to forget!

5 Replies to “Summer Thermistice, Full Moon, Tarot, and Day Seven”

  1. Fantastic. Great post.
    Full moon tonight. 2130 now. Zenith in a bit over 6 hours. I pulled a couple of cards on an ongoing health and career issue. 2 of Cups appeared…


    1. Right?

      I really needed help with creating a foundation in my practice that will hopefully blossom into something more especially when I’m knee-deep in homework and work.


  2. Trimming the Marseilles would be lovely! Even if you don’t like using it as a deck, I find it’s always handy to have some extra tarot imagery around to include in my Grimoire or journaling.


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