Day Six

Today, we’re talking about shielding.

Six: Sheilding

I don’t usually shield because it seems to attract attention rather than protect and at times I wonder what I am protecting myself from exactly, but I recall (before the house fire) that I had Christopher Penczak’s Witch’s Shield. There’s an exercise that I used to protect me from other people not necessarily energies from the “astral plane.”  Every morning before I sat on the bus to go to school, I’d shield myself.

Of course, I lost all my books in the house fire after I graduated high school and I don’t have any of the books including Witch’s Shield save about three of them now. I  don’t really want to spend the money on the book because I only really used one exercise from that book.

However, for now I think I’ll use my own Witch’s Shield spell.

Witch’s Shield Spell:

I protect my three souls and all my existing or unknown energy sources with a magical shield that will automatically ground all harmful energies directed or in-directed to me.  I swaddle myself with love, care, and comfort as I go through this day.