Day Three, Four, & Five

For the 30 day magical roots challenge, I’m focusing on breath work, my intentions are for this challenge, and any energy work for the day.

I started to write this post yesterday, but I was in a lot of IBS pain. It was so bad I laid down and slept. 

I did meditate yesterday though!

Pain is one of the reasons I can’t practice witchcraft as a daily routine. Usually by the fourth day, I stopped practicing whatever I’m doing not pick it up again until next school vacation. Fortunately, I’ve done my daily devotionals almost every day (I didn’t yesterday) and I have my schedule to remind me to take care of myself. 

Focusing on Breath

I try to meditate every day. I have generalized anxiety disorder where anything and everything can cause anxiety.

I like having someone walk me through the meditation so I use a meditation app called Meditation Studio.

For yoga, I use Richard Hittleman’s 28-Day Exercise Plan. Today, in the book, it’s about breathing so I wanted to combine challenge 3, my meditation for the day, and Hittleman’s yoga breathing into one.

Challenge: 3

The third day is centering. There’s a cool breath exercise for today in Richard Hittleman’s book that I can use instead of the practice stated in the challenge. It goes something like this:

  1. Exhale deeply, contract abdomen
  2. Inhale slowly, distend abdomen,
  3. Continue inhalation, expand chest
  4. Continue inhalation, raise shoulders
  5. Retain breath for count of five
  6. Exhale deeply, relax shoulders and chest, contract abdomen. ¹

Challenge 4:

I suppose I want what my Gods want:

  • A happy home.
  • Work carefully in my magic.
  • Getting to know the Gods and using all the tools I’ve learned on my journey.

Challenge: 5

For this challenge, I find it to be a bit odd. Rubbing my hands together and then moving them apart and close together reminds me accordion playing. I also I imagined a cat’s cradle string between my hands. My sister and I used to play this game all the time when we’re growing up.


  1. Hittleman, Richard (1969). Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Exercise Plan. NY: New York.

4 Replies to “Day Three, Four, & Five”

  1. You sort of do practice it by not practicing. A little regularly is more…
    Observe. Notice things… and take note…. then do nothing. Flow


      1. It’s perfectly ok though 🙂 Don’t feel guilty or anything because no matter how much you actually practice your craft, you are still who you are. Everyone has off days, and I completely understand the pain aspect. It doesn’t make you any less of a person or Pagan if you have days where you just can’t. Structure is great! But it’s impossible to be perfectly structured, so don’t pressure yourself :). Plus, we’re all here for you too! XOXO


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