Things I’ve Thought About, But Didn’t Have The Time to Write a Big Blog Post

Some things I’ve thought about, but didn’t have the time to write and/or think about.

  • To me, Divinity is so difficult for humans to understand that almost any view of Divinity is correct. Everything is Divinity including you. You are a little part of the Gods and vice versa.
  • Science cannot prove or disprove magic because science exists to observe natural occurrences and scientists believe magic to be a supernatural phenomenon.  It doesn’t matter how you argue it, scientists are going to think that magic is all in your head.
  • I’m trying to journal, read, play music, meditate, and practice magic more, but it’s so hard to do that when I have sharp irritating pain every night *sigh.*
  • It’s so hard to practice witchcraft every day. I’m not just talking about doing a spell or ritual, but actually creating a path that you practice every day.

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  1. I know just what you mean about pain interfering with your craft! I actually JUST wrote a blog about it a few minutes ago! 🙂 And yes, keeping up with it every day is a challenge, especially when life seems to want to get in the way. But that’s why I love sites like this, because we can vent to each other, knowing that we’ll all understand, and that alone is relieving! 🙂

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    1. I love reading other people’s experiences and having the ability to share mine. Although, I have zero magical/Pagan friends so I’m currently on the lookout for any magical people in my area.

      I recently had to make a schedule on my Google calendar so that I’d remember to do yoga and meditate. I always forget to take care of myself! I even forget to eat!

      I have severe IBS that prevents me from sitting or standing sometimes. I have to lie down and rest for the pain to go away. To prevent pain, I have a stand-up desk and my altar + shrine are on a bookshelf on my wall because I can’t sit for long periods of time or I’ll get a lot of back and tummy pain. I think its all about adapting to your situation so I usually practice when I can, which is usually in the mornings when my tummy doesn’t have any food in it.

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      1. I also have IBS! It’s crazy how much your health affects everything else. I also don’t have any Pagan friends outside of the internet, especially being that I live in the middle of nowhere, Kansas! But it is definitely great to be able to talk to others of likemindedness :).


  2. I relate to all of these so much! Especially developing a process for your craft that’s daily or weekly and not just sporadic. I’ve always believed that divinity and magic are things you can’t quantify. Otherwise it wouldn’t be so personal to each person who experiences it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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