Day 1 and Day 2

I’d like to do the 30 day magical roots challenge. Yesterday, was a bit crazy so I’m starting today with day one.

The First Day

Today’s challenge is use your favorite kind of divination and ask what you should be focusing on this month. I do this every day (LOL), but for the sake of the challenge, I’ll do this. Although, to me, I feel like this is a pretty broad question.


The cards for yesterday. Here Hermes is telling me to write everything down. Hestia is telling me to speak the truth. And Hecate wants me to focus on new ways of practicing witchcraft.

I feel like the Gods have been telling me the same things with different cards. So actually focusing on something for a month isn’t such a bad idea.

For this month:

  • Hestia: Ten of Cups
  • Hecate: Eight of Pentacles
  • Hermes: Ten of Wands

Hestia wants me to focus on creating a happy home this month. Hecate wants me to focus on my magic (and possibly other work) carefully. Hermes wants me to focus on getting to know the other Gods, working different kinds of magic, and connecting all my parts together.

The Second Day

Today is all about grounding. I actually have grounding techniques in my magic book. They’re from Starhawk’s book The Earth Path where I imagine myself as a tree. I lift my hands to the sky and imagine my branches touching the Universe and spread my feet and imagine them planted into the ground.

Also, scheduling…

Also, I had to schedule EVERYTHING otherwise I’d forget to do it. Yes, I actually forget to eat sometimes. Yes, I forget to do yoga or meditate every morning.

I scheduled everything into my calendar during my college course and it worked out great. So I think that scheduling showering, eating, meditating, etc will help me recall to take care of myself!

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