Hecate’s Deipnon

Hecate’s Deipnon!

Yesterday, I got the great idea of pouring Hecate’s libations out into a plant pot. However, this plant pot had no plant. Just a couple of seeds so I went out and got one for Her.

I went looking and looking around the store for something. I wanted a very bright flower, but all of them grow very tall. So I decided to ask Hecate right then and there which She preferred. In seconds I found this one:

It’s called an oyster plant, Moses in a Basket, Rhoeo (not sure if there’s a connection between the lover of Apollon and this plant).

Anyway, I did my usual offering for Hecate some water and a boiled egg, I gave Hestia some Chai latte with lavender-strained milk, and Hermes some strawberries and lavender-strained milk. It was very nice, but a lot of hard work to put together!

My Daily Devotionals

I found a good way to do my devotionals and I’m so happy!

I’m so frigging happy. Today, I poured out yesterday’s libations into the measuring cup and I took that outside and poured it into Hecate’s planter.

What I do during Daily Devotionals

A couple of people on Reddit asked what you can do each day to honor the Gods. So I thought that I might share on here on what I do.

  1. I honor and welcome Hestia first. I light Her candle. Say Her hymn I wrote (inspired by the Orphic hymn). Pour Her libation into Her cup with water. If it’s a special day, I use my tea strainer with lavender or a tea bag.
  2. I repeat the process for Hecate and Hermes only for Hecate I pour out libations into Her pot and I write notes to Hermes and put it in His message bottle. I usually give Hermes some water and pour into His bottle. If it’s a special day, I could give Hermes coins or strawberries and I can plant some seeds in Hecate’s planter (although, it’s a bit late for that this year).
  3. I have been pouring libations out for Hera and Zeus lately. Their shrine is above the Household Gods’ shrine. I pretty much repeat the process for Them. If it’s a special day where I honor just Them or one of Them, I use a votive candle with lavender underneath so when the candle is completely melted it smells like lavender. It’s almost like throwing herbs into a fire only a bit different. They both have Their own candle.
  4. I thank all of Them usually individually after I gave Them their libations.
  5. Sometimes I ask for guidance through the Tarot.
  6. After Everyone gets Their offering,  I snuff out the candles on the Household Shrine and say something like:
    1. May Your light burn bright within me (Hecate)
    2. May Your bright intellect guide me on my journey (Hermes)
    3. May Your sacred flame burn bright within my home (Hecate)
  7. If I use candle offerings for Zeus or Hera or anyone else for that day, I usually let them burn until they’re melted down.

I usually just use water as an offering every day and on special days/nights like Hecate’s Diepnon (today!), Noumenia, et cetera, I use milk, tea, cider, food, et cetera.

Another Shrine Change!

It’s been one of those days, folks.

Some time after I moved everything around, I realized that I wanted to use something to pour libations out. I remembered that I have an old measuring cup that with faded labels.  I removed the rest of red markers and it’s good as new.

I put Everyone’s offering bowls to the second level of the bookshelf because I want room to put together libations, khernips, and festivities on the first level.

I have some space to put a votive candle, plate, or cup for offerings for special days.

What the Cards Say

What do the cards say today?

I drew three cards for Hestia, Hecate, and Hermes.


Here is a photo to help me see Who has given me what. Hestia gave me The Devil, The Start, and the Page of Pentacles. Hecate gave me the Seven of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, and Three of Wands. Hermes gave me Four of Swords, Ace of Swords, and King of Cups.

In this post, I’m going to write about one card from each God.

I’m going to start with Hestia and the card: The Devil first since, well, Hestia goes first and I got this card from Hecate a while ago (I didn’t do a post – I was babysitting). Anyway, the Devil card, which is always a delight to see, has given me some insight into my life at this point.

The Gods are telling me that I’m doing too much and that all the obligations that I setup are now holding me back.

I’m an intern at school now, but a professor and a past colleague asked me if I’m coming back to a previous job I took at school. I’m going to have to decline. Having an internship with a full-time school schedule is a lot. If I include another job, that’s too much for me especially if I want to get A’s this semester. I feel like Hecate and Hestia are telling me it’s OK to say no to things.

Seven of Pentacles

Hecate gave me the Seven of Pentacles and since Hermes gave me this card before, I think I should think about this card now before I think about the others.

There’s something I’m missing here. I got this card a few times before so I’m definitely missing something…I believe the Gods are telling me that I have to WRITE down things.

I’ve been so scattered lately that I haven’t thought to write everything down in my journal. I believe that They are telling me not to fear failure in any of my endeavors spiritual or otherwise. I keep worrying if I change one thing that They won’t like it. However, usually if I change something it’s for Them.

Four of Swords

To drudge on, I chose to talk about the Four of Swords that Hermes has given me. I feel like after I’ve recreated my shrine (again), I’ve read most of Kharis by Ms. Winter, and that I spend a lot of time and energy entertaining a five year old that I need much needed rest and relaxation. I’m not used to all this excitement!

I also feel like I need a rest before all the swords drop. Meaning: before school starts. Balancing my spirituality with school and work is going to be the real challenge for me.

Shrine Change

I’ve decided to renovate the ways in which I give libations.

Right now, I decided to put Everyone’s offering bowls and the khernips bowl on the first level of the book shelf to make it easier for me to work and pour libations. The small glass jars were a temporary thing so I felt that they out-lasted their welcome (especially when they blocked religious ornaments).


I have a plant pot for Hecate, a cup for Hestia, and a message bottle for Hermes. The glass candle holder is for Zeus’ offering.

I was going to use the khernips bowl (mortar at the right) for Hermes, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving liquid in it. It’s an old mortar I got from a flea market that’s already chipping inside. It’s probably OK with water in it, but I’m worried something acidic will chip away at it. Instead, I thought I could give Hermes notes of praise and stick them in His bottle. Although, water is probably fine too.

I like the idea of giving Hecate’s offerings in a plant pot then taking those offerings to Her big planter outside on Deipnon. I was going to do that with the Hestia’s cup, but it seemed wrong somehow. So I gave the cup to Hestia.

Finally, the glass candle holder is for any God I want to worship on any given festival. I hope this is OK. I don’t have a lot of libation bowls lying around or the space for them! (lol)

Update: A little change. I think I should give Zeus and Hera Their own libation bowl so I put the glass candle holder at the top and I think I can use those little glass jars for libation bowls. So I do have tons of libation bowls and room for them! Huzzah!

Zeus Epoptes

Today, I celebrated Zeus.

At this point in my practice, I feel that I don’t need spellcraft anymore. I have everything I want and need now (probably more!) so right now, I just want to be grateful for all that I have. Deep within my heart, I have this feeling of love (I don’t know how to describe other than that) and appreciation for the Gods. I definitely felt that this morning while honoring and welcoming Zeus.

I really like the idea of celebrating and adoring Hera and five days later celebrating and adoring Zeus. The only thing is I have a figurine for Hera, but I don’t have a statue for Zeus.


I decided to put Hera and Zeus at the the top of the book shelf, the second level is for the household gods, and the first level for festivals or any magic I want to do.

I’d like to get a plate for the offering candles instead of using my cauldron. Although, as soon as I paint the cauldron with vegetable oil and bake it, I’ll be able to pour libations into it. For now, it just rusts. So if I put liquid in it, it will spoil whatever is in there.

My Shrine at this moment.

I originally wanted to pour libations into that mortar, but if I put a candle in there it heats up the wood at the top. Also, just for fire safety, it’s probably good to keep candles in a cast-iron pot. So instead, I’m using that mortar for khernips. I did clean out a glass candle holder if I don’t end up not baking my cauldron for libations.

Maybe if I find a teacup and saucer somewhere I can use that instead of using a cast-iron cauldron and a votive candle.


I got books!

Yay, books!

I got some books. I heard that Winter was a good pick. I’m currently looking at Greek Religion by Walter Berkhert. I bought a copy for half-price, but instead of two-day shipping, it was scheduled to come to my house in two weeks!


Yesterday, I babysat my friend’s son. He’s going to be six this month. I didn’t get to reflect on the cards the Gods gave me the other day.

Although, we did get very far in Lego: Jurassic World.  So there’s that.