What They Have to Say

I read a person’s blog post on his/her spirituality – how everything is great or how she/he feels happy and at home to scroll down and see hateful posts on the subject of witchcraft.

I’m tired of people getting worked up over modern witchcraft when she or he knows little about it. No, Christianity isn’t the only right way. Like most religions, it’s flawed and that’s OK.


This is getting seriously old for me. I’ve been a witch since I was 12. I’m not going to change.

I’ve seen more of my share of hateful posts by people who like to color witchcraft as something it’s not. I understand that anything not Christian is considered devil worship to Christians, but can you at least be a little tolerate?

I’ve met Christians who read about modern paganism and witchcraft and know all about it and were pretty tolerate of me. They were very understanding and reasonable when it came to my spiritual path. They seem to get that Christianity isn’t for everyone.

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