What the Cards Say – Also, Noumenia & Grimoire

Today is Noumenia.

Hestia has given me the King of Wands and the Queen of Wands. She’s telling me that there is an opportunity for me and that I should take it.

I’m going to attempt to read Hermes’ card. Lately, He’s given me a lot of swords. Today, it’s the Eight of Swords. Somehow, either I have or someone else has, boxed me in a situation where I think I have no options. I’m not seeing things clearly or completely. I think He’s telling me that I have more options than in Hellenism or at least more options than I think I have. I also think He’s saying that I have more options for worship in my home than I think I have. I believe what He’s saying is that I don’t have to imprison myself into one religion, but I should look at all the options; to explore. I’d like to use Hellenism has a foundation or my roots so to speak to my practice and branch out from there.  I also think He wants me to look at the Greek myths in a different way from the way I have been.

This card could also indicate the situation with me and my husband who doesn’t quite know about my religious views yet. This is a pretty precarious situation because I wasn’t too religious when I met him – I was just a witch and I was willing to keep my spirituality under wraps.

I believe Hecate is telling me to look into Her three aspects with this card: Three of Cups. In Barbara Moore’s book Steampunk Tarot said that the differences make the experience richer (p. 153). I definitely want to study Her three aspects!

Also, Noumenia. I actually did a little something today. I plan on cleaning some more and looking into Hecate’s offering box from the past month and learn all that I can.

For the next Hecate’s Dinner/Diepnon or Evening, I think I like to plant some plants for Her. 

Here I can pour libations to Her and bury eggs in. This is the second front door area to our home. We don’t use this doorway so I feel like this is a good place to give offerings at.

Also, grimoire! For this coming semester, I have to use the mini binder I used for the Magic Book. So I just been using the laminate sleeves and two binding posts, which have been working out great for me. I’ve been on the look out for some kind of book cover tutorial or book cover.


Most of the templates I got from Pinterest. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any of the templates referenced! My Magic Book is a small book. The pages are 5.5 x 8.5″. I based my devotionals off of the Orphic hymns.

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    1. Thanks. I need to add some more in there, but I figured that I could add more stuff as I go along. I can give you some links to the templates I used/and or give instructions on how to print them out so you can do this too!


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