What The Cards Say

What the cards say today….

Hestia gave me Three of Pentacles. Here Hestia is giving me encouragement to work towards bringing magic into my every day life. “Don’t stop,” She says! I haven’t been super awesome at bringing in the daily magic. So far, I’ve done daily devotionals, a few celebrations, and removing all the dirt in my house when I clean. It’s time to work with all of my selves: young self (or sticky one), higher self (sacred dove), my talking self (shining body) build my cathedral!

Hecate gave me The World. The last month is almost over! Success! It’s like Hecate is celebrating my first month in Hellenism with me!

Yesterday, I pondered whether Hermes could help me out in arguments and today, I got this card. Oy ve!

Five of Swords

I think He’s saying that I shouldn’t be the sore winner of an argument, but to just walk away – it’s not worth it.

Why I was thinking about asking for help was that I have this terrible affliction of being completely honest about personal things that I probably shouldn’t share to coworkers or acquaintances. I have a big friendly personality and I want to be friends with everyone!

Last year, I got asked the question by five different people. What is the question?

  • “When are you going to have kids?”
  • “What do you think about children?”
  • “You know, you should get pregnant now.”

The biggest reason my husband and I don’t kids is because we don’t want any! That doesn’t mean we hate children. We just like having a quiet house. I like having the time, energy, and money to play video games, play my ukulele, go to work, and other things. Another big reason is my physical health isn’t all that great. I have digestion problems that get so bad that I have to lay down and rest. I have to stop whatever I’m doing and rest the pain is so bad.  Another reason is my mental health. My environment affects my mental health: bad or good. Now, my anxiety has gotten better since I’ve known husband and lived in our house, but man, it was bad in my early twenties when I had to live in a messy boyfriend.

Maybe Hermes is telling me that I should walk away from conflicts rather than try to defend myself. The way I’ve been doing conflicts may have resulted with me being the “winner” and they just quietly laying down their swords and walking away from me as a friend. Perhaps thinking me as a two-face child hater.