Hecate’s Dinner

According to the Hellenic calendar (which may or may not be right – lol), today is Hecate’s Deipnon and tomorrow is Noumenia.

Today, my husband is going to be working all day and performing at a concert tonight so I can do something special tonight. Not sure what though.

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  1. I’ve noticed with the Hellenion Calendar, that sometimes they have the Deipnon before or after the Dark Moon, for whatever reason, which is fine. Plus you have that old belief that the energy of a moon phase lasts for three days–before, during, and after.

    I was told by Her to always have the Deipnon on the Dark Moon, but that’s just me. I know other Devotees have it on or near it–usually due to which ever is more convenient. Do what feels right, or ask Her what She prefers. 🙂


    1. I noticed that too! Today, is probably a better time for me because I have the whole house to myself and yesterday, I was busy – I like having a lot of time to take stock of the month and get ready for the new one. Plus, I found an old plant pot that I’d like to paint and dedicate to Hecate!

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