What The Cards Say

Yesterday, I went ahead and asked what I needed to know.

The first card was from/for Hestia. She chose The Magician. I believe what She is telling me is that in every space, you can practice magic. Yesterday, I tried to do this while I was cleaning – wiping away all the old and dead energy to make everything new again. Also, I feel that They want me to switch gears a little and look into ceremonial magic, but of course, not lose that simple magic I’m so on about. Also, I believe that She is telling me that I need to be more disciplined in my magical practice.

Hermes chose Seven of Swords, which I thought was very interesting. It’s hard for me to get over some of the questionable actions of the Gods especially in myth and I think He knows this. I think He’s telling me that everyone is a thief at one point or another and sometimes thievery unavoidable to make someone pay attention to you or get what you want. The girl in the card is wearing some questionably bright-colored outfit and making sure the big eye is looking at her. It could also mean that I’m taking some ideas away from different systems and running away with them!

Seven of Swords

Hecate chose The High Priestess. There must be something I’m not getting with this card. Or it’s a different lesson now. Today is the dark moon. Tomorrow is Hecate’s deipnon. I’m looking forward to another closing of an old month and beginning of a new one.

Right now, I have Hecate’s candles is the white candle to represent the white moon and Hermes’ candle is the black candle to represent those secrets locked away I figured out during the white or full moon.

During Hecate’s dinner, I plan on switching them to represent the waning dark moon (Hecate’s black candle) and the secrets not being secrets anymore (Hermes’ white candle).  I don’t think anyone minds this. They’re candles not the Gods Themselves. Incidentally, I got this idea yesterday before I drew the cards.

I think Hecate’s giving me an opportunity to look at the white and black symbolism again or warning me not to do this.

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