Saturn’s Return

I didn’t hear about this until I watched Owlvine’s new video today.

Now, I don’t follow Astrology, but there are some truths to this.  When I turned 27, I felt this transition from 20-something wanderer to adult. Now, I’m almost thirty.

Not only have I changed my career around, but I’m recreating my spirituality – basically overhauling everything and entering something completely new. From what I read, things get pretty nasty during this time because the things that you don’t need or don’t want fall away to make way for the new things.

This is a good time for self-reflection and to trust your inner voice (I usually think this is the Gods trying to talk to me) because there are hard lessons to be learned.  This a great time to learn from past mistakes and not repeat them.

According to one website, Saturn affects your sun sign – I don’t think this is necessarily true. From what I recall, a Sun (outer personality) in Libra, Moon (inner personality) in Gemini,  Venus (love) in Leo, Mars (uh – something to do with war?) in Aries. I forgot the rest. I think my rising sign (what you really are) is in Sagittarius. Apparently, when Saturn enters your houses, your life turns upside down and everything changes!

Now, I’ve stopped following Astrology (or at least our modernized New Agey Astrology) because I like to think that the universe is a lot more complicated seeing that the stars are just light hitting our eyeballs and probably already burned out. Also, all those stars are very, very far away from each other.  I call myself Libra because I like the symbolism.

But this Saturn event makes sense that it would roll around to your thirties. This could be a time when everything can drastically change like when your partner asks you to marry them or when you find out that your dream job was a mistake (what happened to me).

Whether or not this Saturn event does occur, it’d probably be a good idea to celebrate Saturnalia sometime or honor Kronos some way.  There’s always a time in someone’s life where everything turns upside down and accept the incoming changes Saturn or Anyone else for that matter wishes to bestow.

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  1. I’m going through my Saturn Return right now. It hasn’t been easy – but I’ve learnt so much and grown so much… But still – looking forward to it being over haha!


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