Daily devotional time!

I decided to include Hermes in the fun. I don’t know if you can see, but his representation is a lantern(?) for candles I bought at a yard sale years ago. There are representations of the four elements inside: stone, ukulele pick, some incense, and a key. I found the butterfly recently. Hermes picked out the Magus card to represent himself. Hermes’ candle is on top of my old mother of pearl ear gauges (I used to have two double-zero gauges in both my earlobes!). For Him, I like the swirls.

Hecate’s representation represents earth, sky, and sea. She picked out the World Tarot card for Herself. Hecate has a key and a necklace I bought myself years ago that, to me, represent the inverted pentagram. It’s in the shape of a heart with an inverted star in the middle. Hecate also has an offering box for Her dark moon ritual (or Hecate’s Deipnon). I put all my old spells and stuff from this month and look them over on Hecate’s Dinner.

In the middle, for Panathenaia ta mikra, there is Athena’s offering – a candle.

Finally, Hestia – I’m sorry you can’t see it – I have a jar with a bird’s nest inside I found years ago along with a rose quartz stone my mom gave me and a sprig from an unknown Japanese tree. The tree grows in our family cemetery. On the outside, there is a necklace holding an amethyst stone my sister gave to me.

Cards of the Day

Today, Hestia gave me Knight of Wands (someone who acts based on will*). Hecate gave me the Page of Cups (someone who is ready to try something new in art, relationships, or emotions*). And Hermes gave me the Ace of Wands (opportunity to harness and express will*)


I feel that Hestia is telling me it’s OK to be determined – just don’t mix it up with confidence. Also, this card gives me the push I needed to read up on the Qabbalah and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which I used to include in my practice before the house fire. That would be – oh – about nine years ago! Or at least look into Egyptian beliefs.

Hecate is telling me to open my heart to a new relationship – it’s OK to be vulnerable and new at something or someone. Opening yourself up to someone doesn’t necessarily end in tears.

Hermes reminds me that this a great opportunity to use magic – to what end, I’m unsure. I do love using staves and I played with the idea of adding some stuff to my staff. I’ve read a bit from the book Tree of Life by Israel Regardie – Golden Dawn stuff is something I’ve kept in the back of my mind for some time. It’s also possible that I totally missed this lesson from the first time. DOH!

*Moore, Barbara (2014). Steampunk Tarot. Llewellyn Publications, Minnesota. Print.

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    1. I know! I’m thrilled that He was willing to participate when I asked! The symbolism is on spot. When I came home last night, I realized that the Magician card is number 1 and the World card is 21. First and last. Wild. Plus, the cards look a bit like Them, which also blew my mind (although, it is the Crowley Tarot so Crowley probably had Hermes in mind when illustrating the Magus card. I’m unsure whether he had Hecate in mind when he made his World card though).

      I always saw him as a God that is more than just a messenger (a lot of Wicca 101 books describe Him as just this and drives me nuts). A long time ago, I got interested in ceremonial magic, and the authors described Hermes as a magus – a God who can walk between worlds: upper, lower, and middle (among other things you’re probably aware of). I love that.

      Yesterday, I thought about which God would be good for me and His name popped into my head. Eventually, I’d like to get to know more Gods and Goddesses, but I think it’s a great idea to forge a relationship with the One who can tell me what the Theoi are saying. But for now, I’m very happy with the setup.

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