Picking Tarot Cards to Focus On

I decided for each daily devotional to pick two Tarot cards: one for/from Hestia and one for/from Hecate.

Ace of Wands for/from Hecate

These are the Steampunk Tarot.  I got this deck from my mom who bought it for herself, but decided to give to me because I liked it so much! You don’t know this, but I love steampunk stuff including Abney Park – a really awesome band that you need to check out!

Anyway, according to the book that came with the deck by Barbara Moore, the Ace of Wands is an opportunity to use your will. To me and the book, the wands represent fire.

I’m recreating my spirituality – perhaps burning it down and starting all over again. Hecate has shown me how powerful fire can become. I believe She is giving me that power now.

Three of Wands for/from Hestia

Three of Wands from Hestia shows me that my home is where my power is. She is the center of my practice. I create all my crafts, food, and spirituality when I’m home. This is why I choose to honor Hestia in the first place.

This card also shows me that creating takes a lot of effort  – more so when bringing that project into your home or witchcraft practice.

I have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. One reason for this is because I have to think before I do anything so I go onto something else for a while. Another reason: I have a short attention span. I think Hestia is telling me to focus on creating my path.

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  1. Huh, that’s a pretty cool idea. Never thought about doing that before. I usually do one big ole session with Dionysus and Poseidon, and it usually takes about an hour, as They typically have a lot to say. Maybe I’ll try this practice out myself, seeing as I have more than one deck, as well. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Your welcome! I just thought of it today. I feel like it’s better for me to have Them speak to me through cards or signs rather than words because sometimes I’m not mentally ready. At least with this I can start using my Tarot again and set time to meditate on what I should know about.


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