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I made an about me page, which I avoided doing because, for a while, I hadn’t known what kind of witch I was. (Sorry if this post doesn’t make sense or doesn’t give any sort of closure – I’m just thinking out loud).

It’s true that I have been a witch since I was 12 years old. Because I practiced off and on, it’s been about 15 -18 years. Now, I want to change all that actually practice every day and create my path.

I’ve always liked Domestic witchery because when I was a kid I didn’t get my own space. When I was a toddler to 12 years old, I slept out on the couch in our trailer. I didn’t get my own room until we moved into our father’s log cabin he built.

When I was 13, we moved to the log cabin. After I graduated from high school, one day, Hecate came to me and asked me if I wanted to live or die. Of course, I said that I’d wanted to live. The next day, while I was home alone, our dryer caught on fire and burned the place down.

(I never told anyone this – mostly because I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, but also because it’s a personal experience, but lately, I’ve read a lot about divine interventions on other blogs. Most people say that they get dreams of the Gods talking to them, but for me, this could never work because A) I don’t sleep well at night and B) I don’t recall my dreams most of the time. So, for the most part, if someone wants my attention, they usually whisper something in my ear.)

Today, of course, I honor Hecate for the choice She’s given me, but it’s been a long time coming though because for a while I moved from place to place. I started college. Moved into the house I have now. Graduated college. Started four-year college. One of the reasons I stopped practicing witchcraft so much was because I wanted to stay at a permanent place so I could breathe and create my own witchcraft. Namely, a Domestic one.

Now, since I started my daily devotionals to Her and Hestia, Hecate has been guiding me to Hellenism, but I feel that ultimately it’s up to me whether or not I want to pursue it or call myself “Hellenic.” Right now, I feel that I’m Hellenic-influenced.

I hate to compare the two, but I’ve never felt totally connected to Modern Pagan Witchcraft or Wicca (or Paganism, in general). I don’t know know why. I don’t like the term “Pagan” – even though it’s become a safe word to call yourself around your loved ones. To me, the word means “peasant” or “country-dweller” – or at least that’s what I’ve read – and I don’t see that in my practice or my identity. If anything, I’m middle class and a town dweller (lol).

I understand that Wicca/Neopagan Witchcraft was created for witchcraft, but it really doesn’t fit me. Maybe Hecate knows that Hellenism is more my style so She’s been guiding me to that path instead.

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  1. The word “pagan” was coined & used by Christians to “other” non Christians of any denomination so yeah I refuse to use it too for that reason. 😂 I also think it implies a certain element of cultural eclecticism, but maybe that’s just me.


    1. That’s another reason I dislike the label. I know that I’m non-Christian, but I’m not just defined by the Christian religion. I define myself. And yes – it’s terribly vague. Too vague! I love defining my path – typically as witchcraft – as a magical practice that involves spells, rituals, divination, “potion”-making – in the form of teas. 😉 It doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual, but typically it is.

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  2. It’s so lovely to read about other people’s experience of ‘meeting’ deities! It makes me feel a bit less weird for writing about my own 🙂

    About the word Pagan, I love it because it’s intentionally vague. I tend to qualify it with the addition of “Eclectic Witch” but Paganism is at least a thing that people have (generally!) heard of so it’s an easy word to use. One of the nicest things about following your own path is that you get to choose how you feel most comfortable describing it ❤


    1. I’m glad you feel less weird! I feel that my experiences are validated when I read someone’s personal interactions (not that I needed validation in my path – it’s just I question it at times – is this from my brain or is the Universe telling me something?).

      I dislike the word Pagan because it’s so vague! Unfortunately, you’re right, non-Pagans know what Paganism means and it’s a less loaded word nowadays than “witch.”


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