Coming Out Over and Over

I’ve thought a lot about my path recently.

I realized that I’m a solitary witch more than I am a Domestic one because I don’t feel that I can practice outside my room. I share a space with a non-pagan, non-magical atheist who is very skeptical of everything!

Not that having a skeptical mind is bad, but I’m trying to come out little by little to my husband. When we first met, I wasn’t practicing at all. I was in school trying to get my degree. Now, I feel that I have some time and energy to focus on my spirituality again, and my husband isn’t totally used to that yet. At first, he felt that all religions were bad, strict, and dogmatic, but lately, he’s opened up to the idea of me having a spirituality that will calm my anxiety and ease my stress, which helps him out in the long run so, he’s all for it. Usually, we call my daily devotionals “meditation.”

Unfortunately, that’s all he knows and he’s expressed little to no interest in the subject and has touched items on my altar without asking. Although, he’s respectful of my space and only comes into my office/bedroom/altar room if my door is open.

I’m not super ceremonial person – some of those items on my altar to got from him, but still…I tried having the conversation with him, but unfortunately, we were talking about something that was more of an interest to him beforehand, and he kept circling back to what he was interested in.

To be fair, it was about me.