Focusing Inward & Onward

My younger self has poked me a few times to do more magic…

…But my problem is that I have no “real” problems in my life right now and that I wanted to focus on creating a sustaining path. However, I think I’ve been trying to accelerate things a bit, which has left my witchy side in the dust.

That being said, there is this thing that’s nagging me. Every time my life gets quiet and calm after the storm of college tests, homework, and projects and after a temp job has ended, my anxiety dusts up some major cobwebs and skeletons that were brushed underneath some rugs and stuffed into closets. My biggest problem now is dealing with my shadow i.e. guilt, worry, frustration, or anger in a healthy way.

Lately, I’ve felt guilty about leaving someone (who was very controlling) years ago, but I have no idea how to deal with this besides writing in my journal about it. I’d tell my husband, but I’ve already talked at length about my two abusive exes and how they’ve ruined my psyche. It’s taken me a long time to recover from both of them! And I’m still not done recovering!

I guess I’d have to think of a spell (for my younger self) and other ways to deal…

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  1. I usually stay in practice by casting weekly healing spells. General healing for those who need it most in the world. In my opinion, it’s two things that the world needs a lot of: healing and compassion (but then this is also one of my spiritual jobs in the world–a Healer. Or as Kuan Yin called me in a dream, The Candle Maker. It’s one of my jobs to send my light into the world. To “make candles” for others). I’ve covered a candle holder in healing sigils/symbols and easily activate it by light tealights within, always stating my intention with each lighting: “I light this candle to activate this sigil and send my light out into the world for those who need it most. I send them love, peace, protection, healing, and strength.” If I including the Powers, I give an offering of the ‘Waters of Life’ and flame, “I ask that the Gods and Spirits show them compassion and mercy.”

    I also tend to light a candle for myself on the healing altar, to keep my anxieties, depression, and addictions in check, especially when I can feel an episode coming.

    Have you ever looked into Shadow Work for healing? Hecate can be of great help in that area. It’ll force you to face a lot of your fears, worries, and traumas through grief work. It’s a difficult journey, but well worth it. But only do so when you’re ready…or She may thrust it upon you when She knows you are. Sometimes big scary journies like that, we don’t usually feel ready, do we? 🙂


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