What To Do Tonight? ..And Some Thoughts

I’m feeling absolutely tired today.

Mostly because I did a lot of homework this past week (recall I’m taking two courses for the month) and because it was so beautiful out today, Husband and I went outside for a bit.

Where I live it’s our big tourist attraction to have woods.

I would like to celebrate Synoikia, but I feel that I need some peace and quiet after the hustle and bustle of everything including the changes I’ve made to my own spiritual path. So, I hit pause on my spiritual journey and reflect a bit for Synoikia.

I also don’t really know what I want to do for the full moon.

I’m thinking something simple, which is what I like. I’m not into huge elaborate ceremonies. For me, simple is very powerful. Although, Wiccan holidays and religion has never been my style, I love looking at the moon when it’s full.

Also yesterday, I made some mushroom pinwheels – well, not really pinwheels, just a big log.

Watching Outside Xbox and making me some food!

While reflecting, I’ve wondered if I am really a witch – and if I am do I want to continue on this path? I’ve changed so much and so little since I was a twelve year-old pouring over Scott Cunningham. At the age of thirty, I still feel that I have so much to learn!

Also, I thought of whether I’m right for the Hellenic path. I certainly feel guided to it and I’m fascinated by it, but that doesn’t mean that I’m right for it at least for now. I think in a year’s time I’ll decide whether this path is right for me. Although, a year may not be enough time!