How I See the Gods – What do you think?

It might be a little different…

I see the Gods not as people per se – but the very thing they domain. For example, Zeus is the God of the sky, thunder, and lightning. To me, He is the sky, thunder, and lightning. Or Kronos is the God of time (unless I’m mistaken) – to me, He is time. Or Gaia is the Goddess of the earth – to me, She is the earth.

What do you think?

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  1. Sounds good to me. I see them as however They appear to me, as well as energy and yes, as the rain that falls from the clouds, the lightning that scars the skies, the bitter wine in a glass, the flame of a candle, and the lapping waves on the beach. Definitely makes it easier when I’m teaching my kids about the Gods and nature. It gives them something tangible to see, taste, and touch.


    1. “I see them as however They appear to me, as well as energy” I feel the same way!

      By the way, I tried to leave comments on your Blogger blog, but I couldn’t. But I wanted to tell you that one way you can relieve some restlessness is go swimming. I love swimming! Also, bike-riding always relieves stress for me and helps me sleep.

      (Previously, I wrote some stuff regarding what you wrote on your blog, but erased because I didn’t know if you wanted other people to know what you had on your blog).


      1. It’s fine. It’s public. Reflect/share away. 🙂

        Thanks, swimming does sound lovely. Alas, my baby sitter is unavailable. I ended up going to the beach this morning for a photography hike, divination, and meditation attempt. I got some of the energy out.


        1. I’m glad to hear it.

          I hope your son is doing well.

          I feel you with your mom. My mom has 4-stage breast cancer and she gets so depressed. I don’t know how to help her besides hanging out and talking to her as much as I can. Although, it sounds like your mom has more than just an illness to deal with.

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  2. How crazy! I was just writing about how I see the Goddess and God. For me, I see the Goddess to control everything feminine, and God in control of every thing masculine. Instead of me seeing Zeus as lightning I like to think of him as a being who is in control of lightning. I love your view point though! Interesting way of thinking about it!

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  3. That’s often how the ancients themselves viewed things. As Walter burkert mentions, the greeks say “Zeus thunders”. I see those higher natural powers as more pure incarnations of them, while the personifications are useful when They interact with us & likewise when we tell stories of Them.

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