More Grimoire! And Thoughts on the Festivals

I’ve never had a grimoire before my exploration into Hellenism.

I think this so because Pagan witchcraft was always covered in dozens and dozens of New Age books and I really didn’t have to collect all the information into one book that will serve me on my witchy journey.

However, that changed when I discovered Hellenic witchcraft/spirituality/religion. There’s so much that I need to write everything down for reference!

Recently, I added the Delphic Maxims, the waxing, middle, and waning moon celebrations, and the Hekatombaion and the Metageitnion festivals. I also put some of the dates on my Google calendar because it is hard for me to keep track of all the festivals!

I would start the month as the Gregorian calendar, but before I discovered Hellenism, I felt that the new moon marked a new month. So, the lunar calendar feels right to me.

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  1. It’s funny, as of this week, I just started putting together a binder of a lot of my Hellenismos information, including my rituals and sacred days. Best to have something tangible and free up some space on my laptop. Next I’m going to print off my favorite ancient and modern hymns and prayers. 🙂


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