Class, Khernips, and Grimoire

I started an online class yesterday, and today, I had date day with the husband. So, I will probably be too busy blog as much as I want.

I found a cool way to make khernips – I heard that you can burn herbs, but I didn’t want to light my finger on fire. Fortunately, I just have lemongrass (known to cleanse and remove obstacles) on hand, which is long enough to light on fire and drop into the water.

I’ve worked hard on my grimoire adding and removing items that I need or don’t need. I added the pillars of Hellenism, definitions of witchcraft and New Hellenism, and how to make and define khernips.

2 Replies to “Class, Khernips, and Grimoire”

  1. I love your Grimoire! Careful when you’re reading around not to get confused between Hellenism, Hellenic polytheism, and neo-hellenism. Some of those have some specific beliefs associated with them regarding hereditary greekness & current political landscapes in greece ..


  2. Oh, wow thanks!

    Do you happen to have a source defining these words? I just been reading all I can online and adding information to my book.


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