Hecate, the Great Teacher

For each day, I do at least one daily devotional to both Hestia and Hecate.  I incorporated the khernips – where you drop something – preferably something on fire – into a bowl of water and cleanse yourself with it. For my khernips, I make (very light – my skin is very sensitive) lavender tea. For every devotional, I can pour some water in a bowl and drop a bit of lavender in.

I’m always on the look out for something beautiful to use on the shrine, but she always tells me that I have everything I need!

Since I asked Her to teach me, I feel like Hecate is steering me towards Hellenism.

Today and yesterday, I’ve worked hard on my BOS/Grimoire. Unfortunately, the hand-made book I created hasn’t been working out at all and I had to resort to putting the pages into a binder with page protectors (sad face). However, because my witchy practices changes a lot, I can drop different items into each protector.

Today, I added the Greek holidays to the book and rearranged my altar that best represents my simple magic and my Hellenistic tendencies.

By the way, around Aphrodisia, I found that butterfly and I picked some flowers!

On the left, I have my witch bag, 1/4 teaspoon, and scissors and on the right, mortar (which will be for khernips – there’s a bottle of water and bottle of lavender at the top of the shelf), tea strainer, consecrating crystal, and my crochet needle.

The only downside with having the grimoire in the middle like that is that I don’t have a place for my cauldron any where. I was thinking of asking Husband to screw in a hook for the cauldron at the bottom so I could at least still work spells from it, which is an important aspect of my practice.

Or I can find different place for the book. What do you think?

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