A Couple of Days Off

Thursday, my husband and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts, and Friday, I worked on my grimoire.

Some art at the museum!

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Husband and I looked around for about 3 to 4 hours. I love looking at all the statues and ancient art while Husband loves the contemporary.

My magic book!

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This is a book I got from a book sale. It was a book about David – a Christian book (how sacrilegious of me).

I used denim instead of leather inside the book. I didn’t want to thread the book together because I wanted to be able to take pages out so, I used binding posts (3/16 x 1 in).

This was my first time making a book. I have to tell you that was very hard. Today, even though I let it dry with the binding posts in, I put the pages in and the binding posts wouldn’t line up to the holes.

In the future, I’m going to need to cover up the strips of denim with either more denim or something else.

Also, almost all the pages are uneven. Some of the pages are in English (from my old book). While others are in Greek. If you want to have your BOS or Grimoire to be in a different language, I suggest writing it in English on a Google Drive/Word document.

All in all, it was a neat project. I was thinking of putting page protectors as the pages in the book, but the green witch in me was like: we’ve used enough eco-hazardous products on this project. Namely the glue.

I used Goop. I hate this crap. It smells really bad and I had to go outside to glue the denim in.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really do this by squatting down so I had to go into the garage. If you use it, just be careful with this stuff. Make sure where you are is ventilated.

I used some tidbits from Jamie from Jamie’s Book of Shadows. You can check her stuff out here. Also, Jamie used SuperGlue for her’s. I’m not really sure if there’s a difference. I was told that Goop is more flexible glue.