Focusing on My Spirituality

As Hecate indicated, I’ve been practicing meditating through T. Thorn Coyle’s book Evolutionary Witchcraft.

Hecate gave me the Three of Cups showing me that I should honor my three selves: Sticky One, Shining Body, and Sacred Dove as well as Her three bodies too.  (Also, I’m trying to get into the habit of doing yoga and meditating in the morning.).

A couple days ago, She gave me the Strength card, Hestia gave me the Ace of Pentacles, and Hermes gave me the Five of Swords. Hestia wants me to draw my power from the home.  Hecate reminds me to reach within me and find what’s hurting me the most to I could heal. Hermes reminds me that I don’t always get what I want – sometimes being the winner means winner takes all – all the good and the bad.

Saturday was a bad day for me. I talked to my mom in the morning and usually it’s a a good conversation, but she misinterpreted what I said in our last conversation, which afterwards made me feel upset. For the rest of the day, I felt depressed. I realized that it hurt me that my mom didn’t understand what I said and I felt better (the Strength card).

Anyway, today. Hestia gave me the Ten of Swords. I believe this is to mean that the worst is over. That what I felt Saturday is as bad as it gets. Usually, Hestia gives me cards that are focused on the house, home, family, and home life. Hecate gave me The Magician to tell me to do more magic. My younger self has nudged me to do more magic recently. Again, today I did some yoga and devotionals in Evolutionary Witchcraft. I’d like to these exercises to my daily devotionals. Hermes’ gave me the Three of Wands telling me that my efforts in magic, my internship, and the degree I’m getting will pay off.

What They Have to Say

I read a person’s blog post on his/her spirituality – how everything is great or how she/he feels happy and at home to scroll down and see hateful posts on the subject of witchcraft.

I’m tired of people getting worked up over modern witchcraft when she or he knows little about it. No, Christianity isn’t the only right way. Like most religions, it’s flawed and that’s OK.


This is getting seriously old for me. I’ve been a witch since I was 12. I’m not going to change.

I’ve seen more of my share of hateful posts by people who like to color witchcraft as something it’s not. I understand that anything not Christian is considered devil worship to Christians, but can you at least be a little tolerate?

I’ve met Christians who read about modern paganism and witchcraft and know all about it and were pretty tolerate of me. They were very understanding and reasonable when it came to my spiritual path. They seem to get that Christianity isn’t for everyone.


Hello Internet, it’s me again.

Yesterday I drew the cards, and I got Five of Pentacles from Hestia, which remind me to take care of myself! I got Queen of Pentacles from Hecate, which reminds me to express my inner divine! And the Eight of Wands from Hermes telling me that life is going into hyper-speed and to hold on to my hat! I did just finish my summer course today. Next week, I officially start my job at my college campus.

Today, I wanted to celebrate. I have an anxiety disorder and chronic stress, and I’ve managed to keep my anxiety and stress at a moderate level so I can get an A in a month long class.

What the Cards Say – Also, Noumenia & Grimoire

Today is Noumenia.

Hestia has given me the King of Wands and the Queen of Wands. She’s telling me that there is an opportunity for me and that I should take it.

I’m going to attempt to read Hermes’ card. Lately, He’s given me a lot of swords. Today, it’s the Eight of Swords. Somehow, either I have or someone else has, boxed me in a situation where I think I have no options. I’m not seeing things clearly or completely. I think He’s telling me that I have more options than in Hellenism or at least more options than I think I have. I also think He’s saying that I have more options for worship in my home than I think I have. I believe what He’s saying is that I don’t have to imprison myself into one religion, but I should look at all the options; to explore. I’d like to use Hellenism has a foundation or my roots so to speak to my practice and branch out from there.  I also think He wants me to look at the Greek myths in a different way from the way I have been.

This card could also indicate the situation with me and my husband who doesn’t quite know about my religious views yet. This is a pretty precarious situation because I wasn’t too religious when I met him – I was just a witch and I was willing to keep my spirituality under wraps.

I believe Hecate is telling me to look into Her three aspects with this card: Three of Cups. In Barbara Moore’s book Steampunk Tarot said that the differences make the experience richer (p. 153). I definitely want to study Her three aspects!

Also, Noumenia. I actually did a little something today. I plan on cleaning some more and looking into Hecate’s offering box from the past month and learn all that I can.

For the next Hecate’s Dinner/Diepnon or Evening, I think I like to plant some plants for Her. 

Here I can pour libations to Her and bury eggs in. This is the second front door area to our home. We don’t use this doorway so I feel like this is a good place to give offerings at.

Also, grimoire! For this coming semester, I have to use the mini binder I used for the Magic Book. So I just been using the laminate sleeves and two binding posts, which have been working out great for me. I’ve been on the look out for some kind of book cover tutorial or book cover.


Most of the templates I got from Pinterest. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any of the templates referenced! My Magic Book is a small book. The pages are 5.5 x 8.5″. I based my devotionals off of the Orphic hymns.

What The Cards Say

What the cards say today….

Hestia gave me Three of Pentacles. Here Hestia is giving me encouragement to work towards bringing magic into my every day life. “Don’t stop,” She says! I haven’t been super awesome at bringing in the daily magic. So far, I’ve done daily devotionals, a few celebrations, and removing all the dirt in my house when I clean. It’s time to work with all of my selves: young self (or sticky one), higher self (sacred dove), my talking self (shining body) build my cathedral!

Hecate gave me The World. The last month is almost over! Success! It’s like Hecate is celebrating my first month in Hellenism with me!

Yesterday, I pondered whether Hermes could help me out in arguments and today, I got this card. Oy ve!

Five of Swords

I think He’s saying that I shouldn’t be the sore winner of an argument, but to just walk away – it’s not worth it.

Why I was thinking about asking for help was that I have this terrible affliction of being completely honest about personal things that I probably shouldn’t share to coworkers or acquaintances. I have a big friendly personality and I want to be friends with everyone!

Last year, I got asked the question by five different people. What is the question?

  • “When are you going to have kids?”
  • “What do you think about children?”
  • “You know, you should get pregnant now.”

The biggest reason my husband and I don’t kids is because we don’t want any! That doesn’t mean we hate children. We just like having a quiet house. I like having the time, energy, and money to play video games, play my ukulele, go to work, and other things. Another big reason is my physical health isn’t all that great. I have digestion problems that get so bad that I have to lay down and rest. I have to stop whatever I’m doing and rest the pain is so bad.  Another reason is my mental health. My environment affects my mental health: bad or good. Now, my anxiety has gotten better since I’ve known husband and lived in our house, but man, it was bad in my early twenties when I had to live in a messy boyfriend.

Maybe Hermes is telling me that I should walk away from conflicts rather than try to defend myself. The way I’ve been doing conflicts may have resulted with me being the “winner” and they just quietly laying down their swords and walking away from me as a friend. Perhaps thinking me as a two-face child hater.

Hecate’s Dinner

According to the Hellenic calendar (which may or may not be right – lol), today is Hecate’s Deipnon and tomorrow is Noumenia.

Today, my husband is going to be working all day and performing at a concert tonight so I can do something special tonight. Not sure what though.

Saturn’s Return

I didn’t hear about this until I watched Owlvine’s new video today.

Now, I don’t follow Astrology, but there are some truths to this.  When I turned 27, I felt this transition from 20-something wanderer to adult. Now, I’m almost thirty.

Not only have I changed my career around, but I’m recreating my spirituality – basically overhauling everything and entering something completely new. From what I read, things get pretty nasty during this time because the things that you don’t need or don’t want fall away to make way for the new things.

This is a good time for self-reflection and to trust your inner voice (I usually think this is the Gods trying to talk to me) because there are hard lessons to be learned.  This a great time to learn from past mistakes and not repeat them.

According to one website, Saturn affects your sun sign – I don’t think this is necessarily true. From what I recall, a Sun (outer personality) in Libra, Moon (inner personality) in Gemini,  Venus (love) in Leo, Mars (uh – something to do with war?) in Aries. I forgot the rest. I think my rising sign (what you really are) is in Sagittarius. Apparently, when Saturn enters your houses, your life turns upside down and everything changes!

Now, I’ve stopped following Astrology (or at least our modernized New Agey Astrology) because I like to think that the universe is a lot more complicated seeing that the stars are just light hitting our eyeballs and probably already burned out. Also, all those stars are very, very far away from each other.  I call myself Libra because I like the symbolism.

But this Saturn event makes sense that it would roll around to your thirties. This could be a time when everything can drastically change like when your partner asks you to marry them or when you find out that your dream job was a mistake (what happened to me).

Whether or not this Saturn event does occur, it’d probably be a good idea to celebrate Saturnalia sometime or honor Kronos some way.  There’s always a time in someone’s life where everything turns upside down and accept the incoming changes Saturn or Anyone else for that matter wishes to bestow.