Feeling Like I’m at a Crossroads

Today, I feel like I have to choose to either continue looking into the Hellenistic/Hellenic path or focus on making my witchcraft practice. *

My plan was, and this seems super grotesque now that I think of it, to make some of the Hellenistic beliefs and practices a foundation of my witchcraft path. This would not make me a Hellenistic Pagan, just some witch using Hellenistic ideas, magic, and practices, which is fine by me.

What my shrine looks like now. Hecate’s candle is the black candle and Hestia’s candle is the pink one. Hecate’s offering box has spells and rituals from this month that will be sacrificed at the next dark moon.

From what I’ve read, I love the Hellenismos path. It almost brings me to tears thinking about how beautiful the path is and I thought about becoming a Hellenistic Pagan myself because I feel that you should honor the Gods as they are supposed to be worshiped. And so, I’ve been studying how to do that.

However, if I wanted to pursue Hellenismos as a religious path, I’d have to dedicate all of my free time that is usually reserved for witchery, crocheting, and video gaming to the Hellenistic path only, which I would be willing to do if I choose this path.

However (again), throughout my short time studying Hellenismos, I’ve felt stressed and anxious about doing the wrong thing, which is, because I have an anxiety disorder, is a bad thing for me.

I think for now, I’d like to continue to create my own witchcraft practice with the Hellenismos system in mind. I’d like to honor the Gods in a way that feels right to me.

*Sorry if this post makes no sense. I’m just trying to work some stuff out.


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  1. Welcome to the path! If you ever want to connect, I’d be happy to answer any questions or point you towards resources. Good luck to you! 🙂


    1. Thanks. I just might do that. I do daily devotionals to Hecate and Hestia asking them to light the way for me. I feel like at this point, Hecate is lighting the path for me while I grope in the dark.

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  2. It makes perfect sense. My opinion for what it’s worth – if it makes you anxious or uncomfortable in any way then it’s either not the right time or not the right path. I actually stopped reading about other rituals and pagan religions so I could focus on what my heart and the energies around me were guiding me towards. If you do not have any disrespect in your intentions or in your heart then I would not worry so much about whether or not you are honoring the goddess in the correct way. My spirituality is only defined by me and me alone. I approach everything with respect, love and an open mind. I do look up some things to make sure I don’t accidentally use something dangerous or negative but that is very rare. Once I learned to trust my instincts I would see the signs all around me. This took many many years to be comfortable with my own path. 🙂


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