Working on my Book

Yesterday, I worked on my notebook. I decided to take the book apart and put it into a binder I had for school. When I’m finished writing and illustrating the book, (I’m thinking that it will take me about a year), I can bind the pages all together and actually have a book!

When I’m done, I can do some sort of flip-through. I love the idea of writing the book in a different language because my husband likes to help me do my crafts, which is really nice, but he ends up reading what I’ve written. So, with the help of Google Translate, which may or may not give me the correct translation, I’m writing the book in Greek.


It’s a lot of fun! I’d love to actually learn the language, but I’m still in college (my college doesn’t offer a Greek language class). So, for right now, I’m using Google!

2 Replies to “Working on my Book”

  1. I love the idea of writing it in another language. It adds to the personal aspect of it as well as the mystery that is magic. You may be surprised how much of the language you will absorb and learn just through translating and transcribing.


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