The Altar and Shrine

Yesterday, while at a book sale, I found those gems: Iliad and Odyssey. I also found Oxford’s Greek Plays, which I thought would be interesting to read. I was on the look out for Hesiod’s Theogony, but no dice!

Anyway, I created some type of shrine above my altar. I can only put an altar/shrine in my bedroom since this is the only place where I am free to do just about anything. I share a house with a non-pagan (he’s pretty non-religious too) so, I put a shrine to Hestia and Hecate at the top.

The statue is G. Ruggeri I got from a thrift store years ago. It would have to be after the house fire, so, I was probably around 19 or 20 when I found it. I had no idea it was a collectible! Although, I don’t know what the statue is of.  Maybe you can help me figure it out?

I thought she’d fit right in. To me, I feel she’s a muse of some sort.

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  1. The CEO of our national league who was of Cypriot heritage made a joke in the Supreme Court rubbishing Homer… showing his lack.of classical education. The independent journalist he was so threatened by had a French name and the man who milked our game financially with left wing rhetoric saw need to make reference to this man in the stalls and in the process making many of us womder why would it be so important to him to denigrate parts of his own heritage as well as the curriculum at the schools.these sportsmen are so intent on having their kids fit in at. I guess Sting was an English teacher.
    I prefer translations that understand the difference between anger and rage. Achilles was enraged. White hot as opposed to red hot.


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