How it went 

For my first new moon ritual, I honored both Hestia and Hecate.

In the morning, during my daily devotional, I asked Hecate to guide my thoughts and actions today so, I won’t disrespect anyone. I left offerings of food and herbs in Hecate’s box.

In the box, I gave her food from my breakfast and lunch. I tend not to eat dinner because of my IBS (I also get up very early to start the day) so, I thought some of my food from my breakfast and lunch would be OK. I left the box on my altar and cleaned my sacred space and the house.

I did a little ritual where I lit a white votive candle with all the things I didn’t want to bring in the next month and prayed to both Hestia and Hecate. I just spoke from the heart and thanked them. I had a personal experience with Hecate years ago that I acknowledged in the ritual.

I used a black candle for Hecate and the pink one for Hestia. I decided to leave the votive candle on for a while to burn away all the bad or disrespectful things I’ve done and welcome the new month. After the ritual, I did some more cleaning.

Then all of a sudden, I decided to finish the ritual. With which I took some of  the liquid items (I offered some hot cider and ice cream) outside at the “crossroads” of where my driveway and the walkway meet.

I blew out the white candle and sacrificed it to Hecate (I put it in Her box) while trying to be as respectful as I could. The moment I was done with the ritual, my husband came upstairs and walked in to ask me if I wanted to get a new mirror (he had no idea what I was doing). So, we went out to shopping (apparently, he wanted new clothes too).

It was a nice way to end the day’s spiritual events. I was a bit stressed about it, but I think next time I’ll be better prepared!

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