Hecate’s Dark Moon Ritual

Where I make a ritual loosely based on Hecate’s Diepnon,* which looks like it’s tomorrow the 23rd, but I might end up doing it tonight because tomorrow looks to be a busy day for me.

For the first part of the ritual, I plan on cleaning the house today and tomorrow, and both my altar and shrine. While doing this, giving Her some of the remains from my bedroom and magical cleaning in a Mason jar cap in a little wooden box I bought years ago (I didn’t want the dirt and other offerings to get mixed up with the food because of the ick factor). I also wanted to sacrifice some old spells that I did last month. One in particular was inspired by obsession.

The crossroads thing and the not looking back is seriously hanging me up though. I’d like to use my driveway, but it’d be extremely difficult for me to go outside and not have someone watch me or hear the door open, and not to look outside for the duration of the night or the day. I know this would probably be at night, but my husband, who by the way, is a non-magical person and goes to bed at 2 am in the morning, would ask me why I am going outside!

So, I thought maybe I could go somewhere and put offerings there, however, I’d have to carry items with me. I don’t know about you, but I live in very densely populated area. People are going to see me carry a box with me. This isn’t going to be deipnon to a “T”, but I’d like to be respectful.

So, I thought about it and I believe my altar/shrine to be at a crossroads (between the worlds) so I feel that makes it so much more powerful. Although, this is a bad idea too because this is my altar/shrine in my room – I’m going to have to look at them sooner or later.

I tend not to eat dinner so late. So, I was thinking of making some lavender tea or hot cider (which I love!) for Her and I, and before the ritual give it to Hecate. I’m not sure where I’d like to put this offering. I did make an offering plate and painted it, however, the paint comes off when I pour hot liquid in it, so I cleaned it and decided to use it as a candle holder instead.

I thought I can put some of my breakfast sandwich (also something I love to eat – it’s also egg and cheese sandwich so, that kind of works) in the little offering box for Her.

I think I like the box idea because then I don’t have to “look” into it once I give my offerings. I read that it was bad luck to look back when the supper is placed to the dead. However, I’m going to need to clean out the box sooner or later, so I think I should do that the next day or at least when the waxing moon comes.

For a while, I was on the look out for a black dog statue or figurine** to “sacrifice” to Hecate, but I found something that could be better. I realize yesterday that I have a votive candles can I use and inscribe one of them with all the stuff I don’t want to bring in to the next month such as fearobsession, and anxiety. 

The candle can be lit to release any bad deeds that I may have committed against Hecate and while it’s going, do some divination.


I feel like I’m bumbling around in the dark, which is fitting since it’s the new moon! I feel like everything I do is disrespectful. Today, the candle I usually use for Hecate broke my mirror. I had a mirror over my cauldron and I put candles inside because of fire safety and the flame was too tall and it cracked the mirror. Hopefully, it’s not an ill omen, but physics since that candle is larger and has a longer wick.

So, I’m using a black candle for Hecate now, which is the same size as Hestia’s candle. I plan on using a white candle for Hecate during the full moon.

This is my first time doing something like this so, I hope I’m doing it right by Her. Again, I feel like I’m in the dark. I set up my offering box, but as I was putting the jar cap inside some offering powder fell out. Unfortunately, I have a carpet floor so, this may or may not end up back in the box. I think I’m just going to leave the offerings out for now and put them in the offering box during the ritual!

I’m still pretty upset and re-did my devotional to Hecate today, and She told me or at least I think She did “to not to worry and do the ritual as I want.” I’m still a little stressed though 😦

However, besides the crossroads thing, I feel that a new moon ritual like this a great start on creating my own path.

* I’m not going to call it that for myself and my path. I’m not a Hellenistic pagan, although, now, I’m Hellenistic-influenced 🙂

**I think I’m going to use this little dog statue as a representation of the Agathos Daimon instead.

Note: some of these ritual steps and tools may change. This is just a place to gather my thoughts together for the new moon ritual.

Update:  I think for this, at least for me, this kind of ritual is an all-day thing with a ritual at night.

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  1. The Gods are pretty forgiving and patient, especially when you’re trying something new or are just new to the practice. I’ve been doing rituals for a long time, and still mess up from time to time–missing steps, knocking stuff over, etc. Like yesterday, for the solstice, I accidentally drank from the bottle of lavender lemonade that I was going to give to the Gods. Whoops! I thought about asking Them if it was okay, but decided to just give from another untouched bottle.

    With my learning disability, depression, and anxiety, sometimes I worry about not doing enough or doing it right. Hestia and Dionysus both told me that the actions and offerings are great, but what matters most to Them is what’s in my heart. Am I being true? Are my intentions pure? They see into our hearts and souls. I think it’s us putting pressure on us, not so much Them (course I can’t speak for all of the Gods, nor am I trying to, only relaying a message from my Matron and Patron). Try not to overwhelm yourself. Remember why you’re performing the ritual–your goal(s). As well as what Hecate told ya, “Don’t worry.” 🙂

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    1. Thanks for commenting this. I was a bit stressed Thursday. I planned on this ritual for about two weeks and I felt haven’t made any progress. This is the first time for me doing something like this. I don’t usually follow the Sabbats like other pagans and witches. Although, I’d like to have the moon cycles to be an essential part.


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