Magical Partner?

I’m debating whether or not I should do a spell to help me find (the perfect for me) magical partner.

I’m not super sure if it’s a good idea for me to get with another person to do some spells because I’m trying to figure out what my path is. Although, there are some witches and pagans who seem to be very far into their path, but still have so much to learn.

I feel like I am at that stage.


I’d like to have a best magical friend who has been practicing for a while. Someone who knows what she/he is doing. Someone who wants to be just friends and will like to stay friends. (I’m very happy with my husband right now. I’m not looking for another lover!) I think I’d prefer someone who is the same age as me, but it’s not required.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of gatherings where I live. I think pagan culture here has fizzled out in my location. I recall, in my early twenties, big May Day celebrations and community-based Sabbats, but I wasn’t ready to meet anyone just yet. Now that I’m ready (or sort of), gatherings in these parts are pretty dead, which makes me sad.

I have talked to some people online, which has been very rewarding, but having another witch to talk to and work with on a “physical” level would be awesome. I spoke about my path to a few friends and even my husband, but I don’t feel the same connection as I would with another witch.

Maybe I can do a “find a magical partner” spell and have it manifest when I’m ready. Or just think about it. I’m on the fence about it because, well, I have generalized anxiety disorder and based on past experiences, inviting a new person may invite trouble.

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  1. Instead of doing a spell, you could simply ask the universe for a magikal offline friend. Although, if you want a human, you might want to be specific about it. I asked for a teacher a while back, and received teachers in the forms of spirits and deities. No disappointment, just wasn’t expecting them.

    I have anxiety as well, and working with Dionysus, Hecate, Spider, and Death helped me a great deal with coping with challenging my mental illness(es) (as well as medication, and other coping methods). Course there are Others one may seek. They helped encourage me into putting myself out into the local Pagan community, albeit pendulum in hand as a buddy when my human buddy wasn’t available. I was very timid…well, still am, but now I’m part of a circle and I just lead my first ritual outside of circle.

    Facebook helped me find local Pagan/Spiritual groups and events. Just gotta bite that bullet and not let anxiety win. Easier said than done, but possible. Even with my attacks, I’m glad that I stayed true to my goal, because my buddy’s moving cross country, but I have other offline Pagan and Witch friends to connect with. Good luck!

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    1. “Instead of doing a spell, you could simply ask the universe for a magikal offline friend.” Prayers and spells are kind of the same thing for me.

      I have anxiety too especially when I drive, but since I’ve adopted witchcraft as a spiritual practice, I’m doing better. I’m so timid in coven spaces too! Perhaps having a magical best friend would help me get used to other people.

      I used to be on Facebook, but I’m not anymore. It was literally sucking all my time and energy so, I had to deactivate it and walk away….Permanently. I try not to give myself an excuse to go back there because I want to read something for 20 minutes and I’d end up staying there for an hour.


      1. They’re the same for me, as well, but I didn’t intend it as either. Though I can see how one could see it as such.

        I don’t mind driving….as long as it’s not down town, during rush hour, at night, raining, in a strange area, or around a lot of people. Oh, and if I have to parallel, I might as well car pool! Give me country roads and a full tank of gas…in case I get lost again. I mean, explore…again.

        I hear that with Facebook sucking the life out of a person. I’m super careful and picky about groups that I join, and I keep my friends lists small. Even since I put a limit on my internet time, somehow Facebook ends up sucking it all away. However, I am learning better management–exactly what do I want to spend my 3 hours of internet time on, Facebook drama or something useful? may also be a good resource for finding local events and gatherings in your area. Then there’s another website that I sort of use, called

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        1. I hate parallel parking! I hate driving in general. By the time I get home, I am exhausted.

          It wasn’t so much Facebook drama that sucked me in, but the memes!

          I checked out Witch Vox and Meetup and I couldn’t find a community. I did find a couple people (coven?) looking for a person, but I feel like those are a little sketchy.


          1. The memes, yeah, those can suck up the time, too!

            Yeah, I still don’t really know how to navigate around Meetup…I think I may have gotten lucky when I found the group that I’m in now.

            Well, what you don’t find now, may you find something in the future, especially since the Universe knows you’re looking. Wish ya luck to finding your offline friend. It took me years to get up the courage to find others, and so far it’s been very rewarding. 🙂

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  2. It has always been my experience that when I really really needed someone/something and I was really really ready for it all I needed to do was pay close attention to the signs and symbols around me. More often than not the thing I wanted or needed was there all along. The times when it wasn’t I realized that I didn’t really need it or I wasn’t really ready for it. 🙂


    1. Wow, interesting. I read on Witchipedia one day that magic allows events to happen because there was a possibly that it could occur. If I just wanted someone to talk to, I don’t need to do a spell (I have my blog!). If I want to work magic with another person, than I could do a spell. I’m still trying to work out whether I want a someone to talk to or work with.

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