I took some time off yesterday and today to recharge.

Yesterday I saw my parents and my sister. Today, I hung out with a friend. So…Today, I’m keeping it light.

I wanted to write a little about what I’m currently doing.

I’m still looking into Hestia and Hecate as “matron” goddesses. I don’t like that term, “matron,” but I can’t think of a different word.  I’ve never revered deities before especially ones from the same pantheon. Right now, I’d like to make my own new moon ritual for Hecate, but I don’t have any of the items I want.

On the upside, I got Hesiod’s, Homer’s, and Ovid’s books. I have my work cut out for me. Not only am I reading Witchcraft in Europe, but all these Greek epic poems. I decided to keep my history books on the back-burner for now. I’d like to take as much time as I need to create my path.

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  1. Most people use “Patron”, be them God or Goddess. Personally, I don’t like that word for Goddesses, as I associate it with male, and “Matron” with female. Others don’t use either words. As you’ve found “homespun” for your craft type, hopefully you find something you like best for your main deities. 🙂

    I’m sure you know, but you don’t have to use anything to call on the Gods. Really, for both Goddesses (Hestia is my Matron and I’m claimed by Hecate), a candle flame works. Hestia is fire and Hecate is a torch bearer. In my experience, They care more for what’s in your heart–your honesty and your motivation to actually live the faith.

    Good luck.


    1. Thank you for saying that. I do use candles for both Hestia and Hecate. I made a witch’s jar to represent the hearth and home, but I have nothing to represent Hecate. However, that witch’s jar took years to make.

      For my new moon ritual, I was going to make/find/buy a small black dog figurine/statue and on the new moon, imbue it with my “bad deeds” for the month and “sacrifice” it to Hecate. Unfortunately, I have nothing like that, but I’ve been on the lookout. It’s a modern twist on (what I’ve read) Hecate’s Deipnon. Maybe it’s not meant to be.


      I read some posts on your blog I had no idea there was such a thing as Domestic Witchcraft! Also, you like Fallout 4 and Skyrim too!? Very cool.

      I also have my crochet hook at the center of my altar too!


      1. I like that idea for the deipnon. You could try polymer clay for your black dog. Typically cheap, easy to use, bakes for about 30 minutes in your oven at 255F. Although being polymer I don’t know how earth friendly it is, depending on how you were going to dispose of it. Just because you can’t find a suitable thing, don’t get discouraged, the right thing will come along. If not, you’ve given someone else a great idea for their Deipnon.

        From what I’ve read of your craft, Domestic and Homespun are similar, just different names. For years I had called myself a Kitchen Witch, but I was more than just a Kitchen Witch, I was also a Hedge and Hearth and many other domestics types. I got the name from a blogspot, The Domestic Witch, and felt that it fit me to “T”. So that’s what I decided to go with. Although now I’m leaning more toward Hearth Keeper. Basically same, just different name.

        Oh, yes, I’m totally a Bethesda gamer. 🙂

        I’m glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I definitely look forward to your future posts.

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        1. I was thinking of making a dog with copper wire and pulling black yarn around him/her. Recently, I made an offering bowl from a Yankee candle hat to Hecate and painted Her wheel in the inside. It’s not very good (lol). I like how Her colors are bright colors so I painted it yellow and white and used garlic and onion (and lavender) herbs mostly because they’re bright too.

          But I think every new moon when I bury the offerings, I can repaint it to make it look better. I’ve been offering dried herbs to Hecate and Hestia every morning along with my own prayer (based off the Orphic hymns). I can’t use incense because it can get pretty stinky and wake up my husband in the next room (it’s so hot here we have to leave our doors open).

          I have a cute little offering bowl I use for Hestia I got from my grandmother, which I thought was pretty fitting. Plus, it has a cover so if I wanted to, I can put liquid in there without it getting too yucky.


          Yeah, Homespun and Domestic look pretty similar – although I try to use household items or items I can make for my craft. I don’t know if you try to do that too. I just don’t like big box store items – I don’t mind using gifts (even gifts from stores), items from thrift stores, or anything in the home that’s already bought, but for some reason I just can’t go and buy something from a big box store and put it on my altar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          I feel like a home-based witchcraft really fits me too. I’ve moved in and out places so many times in my 20’s. Now, I just want to stay in one place and build my temple – so to speak.

          I love Bethesda games. I played Morrowind back in the day and of course, Oblivion and eventually, Fallout 3. My husband bought me an Xbox One for Christmas with Fallout 4. I had to re-buy Skyrim, but I love that game.

          I was considering using the Tamriel Nine Divines (Talos all the way) as a pantheon!

          I’m glad that I got to read your blog too! It’s helped me with my path.


          1. I like those ideas. As for incense, I’m a allergic to some of them, sometimes I’ll burn oils instead, works best for me, and I don’t find them as strong, when diluted with water. I usually give dried herbs, homecooked foods, teas, wine, hymns, prayers, arts and craft projects, and my actions above all.

            I do what I can. We’re working towards having a homestead and being self sustaining, and I’d rather purchase from small businesses and farmers markets if I can–support locals and fellows. Eventually I’ll get to the point where I’m not feeding big time corporations. It is my goal after all. Most of my spiritual items are self made, second hand, or bought from the community.

            Yup, I’m sure to stop by Mara’s temple and Dibella’s little wayshrines to give in-game offerings. Haven’t played in a while–Fallout 4’s been the top game lately–perhaps I should stop in and give Them some amethyst and lavender?

            I’m glad to be of service. 😉


            1. Handmade crafts are a good idea and of course, good actions/intentions.

              We’re far from self-sustaining, but we try to be green. I’d love to live on a homestead – although, I’m far from used to that. I suppose it’s good that you’re working towards that!

              That’s also a nice idea. Leaving offerings to Dibella and Mara in the game. I also like Kynareth – she reminds me of Hecate. I like the Elder Scrolls pantheon a lot because it’s a modern pantheon. Plus, I know the Nine Divines – I like reading the in-game books.

              Thanks for writing that blog post on offerings!

              P.S. I made a comment on your blog, but I’m not sure if it got sent to you.


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