What’s in my Witch Bag?

What’s in the bag? Also, I may add more meanings and items as time goes on. So, for that, I’ll say update at the bottom with the current date and what I added.

What’s in the witch bag and what they mean:

  • Penny – good luck, money. Heads: could mean justice, and freedom. Tails: could mean stability, structure, and one’s purpose. It might mean ill luck, stability, sturdy foundation, safe travel
  • Safety pin – healing (that may be temporary), innocence (it’s a diaper safety pin), safety, and protection.
  • Tigers eye stone – grounding, banishing baddies, Mama (this is my Mom’s birthday stone – she’s a Leo); might mean life molding you into you.
  • 2 Dice  – number of people involved. One is white, one is black. Could also mean:

1 – new beginnings
2 – partnerships
3 – trinity and change
4 – solidarity
5 – cycle of life
6 – unity
7 – mysticism
8 – focus
9 – climax of the cycle
10 – completion ¹

  • Button – a closed problem, a situation that’s no longer a problem, soul; eyes, spirituality that may be fixed.
  • One random playing card – you put this in every bag reading. If it’s not revealed, it means nothing, but if is it might play a part in the reading. (Could also mean that it will become seen by you later on). Alternatively, you could take a card out while you’re reading the items in the bag (I do this often).  For reading playing cards, I recommend Cory Hutcheson’s Fifty-four Devils.
  • Turtle pendent – travel (may be slow), wisdom, unseen blessings,
  • Key – opening/unlocking the mysteries, very important symbol to Hecate,
  • Heart locket – all the loves: familial, sisterly, romantic, platonic – depending on your question, house and home,
  • Pentacle – earth,  the Greek elements, where it’s pointing to pay special attention, ceremonial magic, spirituality,
  • Seashell – water, sea, healing, bathing, ritual bath, purification,
  • Little handcuffs – bondage, may or may not have sexy overtones (often it depends on the situation/question), justice (is the penny present?), guilt; pay special attention to the number of people involved.
  • Ukulele pick – music, discipline, work, inspiration, fire,
  • Trivial Pursuit die – each color represents something (there’s no black or white)
  1. Blue – calm, sky, sea
  2. Yellow – Sun, fire, intellect, thoughts
  3. Green – growth, energy, money, health
  4. Orange – balance, money, memory, business,
  5. Pink – friendship, love, youth, inner harmony
  6. Purple – Royal, elegant, mystery, power ²

How to make a divination witch* bag

The more little items you can find in your house, the better! Depending on how big your bag is, try to find small items so you can fit as many as you can in there. You could alternatively buy a bunch of rocks at an occult shop to represent protection, love, healing, etc. It’s up to you! It’s your bag!

I was told 13 is a good number, but I don’t think it’s required to be 13. I think I have up to 15 items.

How to read

I’m no expert, but I just reach in, grab, and throw. Somewhat like rune-casting, only rougher.

For me, I reach in without looking and cast them out, and they’ll show me my situation and a way to solve the situation. I frequently cast a divination reading and do a spell (with the items) over the reading to solve the problem. It makes for a real good traveling altar!

You don’t need to take out all the items for a cast, just take what feels right. Also, you can add items later. I wanted to add a ring that doesn’t fit my fingers very well, but I can’t find it! So, when I find that bad boy, I’ll add it in there!


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*I’ve changed the name from mojo to witchy because I’m using this as a divination and a way to cast spells and I feel that the word “mojo” has a different meaning than what I am using the bag for.

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