What We Eat

I have severe irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) where I can’t eat meat or lots of salt, cane sugar, white bread, and soda without feeling sick. It’s not like the stomach flu, but it’s enough to make me feel very uncomfortable and very tired.

I have an anxiety disorder and chronic stress. IBS could be caused by my anxiety/stress – although, it’s mostly from what I eat. This summer I’m making it my goal to ease my stress and anxiety, and eat well. I definitely want to get into kitchen witchery.

Unfortunately, I live with a non-witch who is very skeptical of anything remotely pagan or “magical” (or at least weird). So, I usually practice in my bedroom (my husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms because I’m a very light sleeper, we wake up at different times, and I need my own space) so, I guess I’m more of a “bedroom” witch (lols).

Anyway, that’s why I created my own type of witchcraft mainly because I don’t always practice in the kitchen and my witchery includes crocheting (hopefully, I can include knitting!).

Anyway, I’ve wanted to scrape the rust out of my cauldron (that sounds dirty) and cure it so I could possibly cook with it. Although, I’m very weary about that because, you know, tetanus. I got this bad boy from a flea market years ago. It was such a long time ago. I think I was fifteen. Unfortunately, the idiots left the cauldron outside and it got all rusted inside and out.

On a sort-of related note, I still need to shave my staff (also sounds dirty). I considered making my staff into a broom, but I have zero resources for this. From my Wiccan days, I have an (cheap) athame that I’d like to transform too (and again I don’t have the tools for this). Maybe, I can enlist husband in this…Hmmmm.

Anyway, I have this neat book I found at a book sale called 1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes by Sue Spitler. I really want to get started on creating food I can eat and not feel awful afterwards.

My husband is the one who loves to cook. I actually hated it for a while. This could be from my childhood where my mom would get mad at us if we used to the stove (because of fire).

I’d like to record what I (or we) make. There are so many choices!!!!

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  1. I can’t wait to see some of the recipes! As far as upgrading/personalizing your witchy wares – you seem to be very creative and determined so I have no doubt you will find a way to fix these things up! 😀


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