Happy Home Spell

I guess this is a good beginning to my craft practice. Incidentally, according to the book Celebrating Wiccan Spirituality by Lady Sabrina (this book may or may not be accurate – who knows), it’s the festival of Vesta between the 7th and 9th!* What a great time to make a happy home spell!

Goddess of the hearth and home,
let your warmth, protection, and light be known.**

This is a place for us to feel comfortable.  This is a place to call home.

Blessed be our home,
a place of love, protection, and strength.

Where only us (insert names here) live.

Without harm, Blessed Be!

Yes – I changed my altar again! Having it inside my chest hurt my back and tummy so I made it into a stand-up altar. Unfortunately, it’s a bit tall for my 5’4″ self, but I use a blanket to stand on. The pink thing is what I crocheted for the happy home spell.

I also have a candle for the occasion!

I always put candles in my cast-iron cauldron for fire safety (and magic!).

*According to Wikipedia, it’s until the 15th of June.

**Kind of from the book I mentioned above – not the whole evocation.

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  1. What a peaceful and lovely evocation! I love the choice of using the color pink as it is associated with unconditional love, caring and compassion. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! The first part I took from Lady Sabrina and I had the yarn and candle just laying around! Plus, it was the Festival of Vesta during the full moon! Talk about your spell correspondences!

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