When Your Past Comes to Haunt You

I have an anxiety disorder, and when I’m not taking classes or going to work for an extended amount of time, I relive some of my bad past experiences.

Surprisingly, I haven’t relived the house fire* recently, but I do relive some of my bad choices like how I broke up with a boyfriend of three years or that time I felt that I had to protect my friend so, I went out with her and her two strange men acquaintances.  Let me tell you it was a bad decision. Nothing “bad” occurred like us getting raped, but it very well could have happened if we didn’t get out of there.*

Anyway, bad memories are resurfacing and making it difficult to get through the day. So, I looked online and found this. Of course, I added a “With harm to none, so mote it be” at the end. You never know. After this, I might get bumped in the head! Sometimes spells follow the easy way out.

I found some cupboard herbs my husband stored (for how long, I don’t know!).

  1. Garlic
  2. Thyme

I don’t really need to ground them up.

I use jars and tea lights. So, I put the thyme and garlic in a jar. Lit the candle. Say the spell three times (with the “harm none” bit). Than blew the candle out and put it in the jar.

And viola!

I usually re-purpose jars when I feel that the spell has manifested, but this one may take a while since I have a lot of bad memories that resurface (and cause a lot of anxiety and stress) especially when I’m not working or going to school.

*My parents house burned down while I was the only person home. It happened about ten years ago.

**I wrote this post before I did the spell.

4 Replies to “When Your Past Comes to Haunt You”

  1. I hope it works. I get “attacked” by bad memories when I least expect it. I am able to push them back to where they belong, but I will keep this banishment spell in mind if I ever need it. 🙂


    1. For me, stuffing them into my subconscious only makes things worse. I think that’s how I get nightmares (and perhaps stomachaches). So, banishing spell in hand, I may be able to hit the ol’ magical delete button on bad/awful memories/regrets.

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