Hi! Here are some definitions including the kind of witchcraft I’m working on. If you think I should add or delete something in/from the definitions, please tell me.

Pagan/ism is someone believing in religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions/a religion that’s non-Christian/non-world religion (Google define).

Witchcraft/witch is a magical practice that involves spells, rituals, and divination/someone who practices witchcraft.*

Wicca (I do not practice Wicca so, don’t hate me for this definition) is an initiatory fertility cult/religion that centers on a Moon Goddess and a Horned God, the celebration of the Wheel of the Year (Samhain, Beltane, etc) and the moon phases, and the usage of the Greek elements earth, air, fire, and water. There is a belief in a non-Hindu karma (they have their own definition) and reincarnation. They tend to use a wand, athame, chalice, and pentacle in their religion.

Magic is the art and science of causing change in one’s self and/ or the world through mental and emotional discipline.

Spells are written, said, or drawn wishes and/or desires to the universe and to oneself to manifest (Google define).

Rituals are a series of actions performed in a prescribed order (Google define).

Kitchen is a path that focuses on the kitchen – a place of cooking, preparing, and eating meals.

Cottage is a path that focuses on herb, stone, and spirit lore in and around the home.

Hedge is a path that focuses on shamanistic aspects of the craft such as “riding the hedge.”

Green is a path that focuses on herbs, herb lore, trees, and tree lore. Green is a path that focuses on the earth-care as a sacred duty.

Traditional is a path that focuses on ancestral and (often) location-based witch lore especially of witchcraft.

Homespun path is simple home-based witchcraft that can include but is not limited to pagan, kitchen, cottage, hedge, green, and traditional witchery. It often includes crocheting, knitting, or other home-based craft in spell or ritual-making.**

I like definitions (laugh out loud). I defined everything before I got started on my path homespun witchery because I’m a nerd. I feel that defining things gives me a foundation in the craft.

*According  to the book Witchcraft in Europe, comes from the Old English word “wiccecraeft,” which only meant divination. Although, some witches don’t do divination. (Update: 6/6/2017)

**It totally made this path up. (Update: 6/6/2017 – I think it’s a bit important that I add this. This list was completely compiled by me)

Update (6/8/2017) I feel like this post is very important so I’ve pinned it to the top.

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