Some Witchy Items I Got on My Vacation!

Total view of the altar

I know, I keep changing my altar around, but I feel that I need one place for witchcraft. Otherwise, I’d make several different altars for different things.

Wooden crochet hook

This is very cool. I liked the idea of having a rainbow-variety of crochet needles, but it’s something magical about having just one for witch-y business. Apparently, it’s from a company in California, USA called Brittany Needles. It’s a size G 4.0 mm. I’m using it to make my mojo bag.

Very cool.


I bought some teal yarn and some black yarn. The teal yarn is locally made yarn. I believe the black yarn isn’t.

Homespun yarn made locally

I’m not sure what I want to make…


I got some herbs on my way to the vacation spot (this is an anonymous blog – at least for now anyway so, I can’t tell you where I got the yarn or the herbs).

I got some lavender, mugwort, motherwort, pennyroyal, lemongrass, and wormwood. I had to stop on the way home to get some jars for them!

Lavender (of course!)

Witches Notebook

Technically, I got my witches notebook on vacation. It’s the app I was telling you about. Very cool app, by the way. I can’t get it on my PC, but it works with Kindles and iPhones. It’s from Zoho and it’s called “Notebook – Take Notes, Sync” on the iPhone and Kindle pages.

Now, I just have one notebook called “Homespun Witchcraft” with a bunch of sticky notes in it labeled “Herblore,” “Treelore,” “Ancestors,” and “Location-based Craft and Lore.”


Husband and I stopped at a local bookshop and I picked up some interesting titles.

A Charmed Death by Madelyn Alt

Bruja Brouhaha by Rochelle Staab 

Both of (apparently) are second in the the series.

I love mystery books and I love anything remotely witchy so win-win.

What have you been up to?

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  1. I love that crochet hook! Perfect for witchy stitches! It must have been wonderful transferring your herbs into jars, I bet it smelled amazing!! 🙂


    1. OMG! Yes. The only thing is that crochet hook is really hard to use!

      I love the smell of the herbs! Now, I’m writing about the herbs in my witches notebook! I’m so excited to start using them!

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