Homemade Witchcraft

I have an interest in kitchen, cottage, and traditional witchery. I feel like I’m passed the initial beginner Wicca stage and entering into mature witchy level.*

I’ve practiced some sort of Wiccan-influenced witchcraft for about 15 years off and on, and I’ve come to realize that’s it’s not really for me. I think I want to have less ceremony and more earthy/dirty practice. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t start out reading books from Wiccan-influenced authors, but began with a traditional feel.

Homespun Witchcraft

I’ve lived with my husband in our house for about 3 years and I finally feel that I can make this house a home for me. I like what kitchen witchery and cottage witchery has to offer, but I don’t think I’d personally label myself a kitchen witch because I don’t practice in the kitchen or a cottage witch because we don’t live in a cottage. I think homespun witch is a better label. I’d even go as far as stop calling myself a pagan – even though technically, I am. I feel like that label is bound up with the term “Wicca.” After all, Wicca is the modern pagan witchcraft.

What do you think?

Anyway, I’ve never had a place to call my own. I’ve always lived in homes for about 3 to 5 years and have to move out, but I’ve always been attracted to some kind of home -based witchery. So, in effort to create a foundation in this kind of craft I have some summer goals.

Summer Goals

So, my goals for this summer is to crochet a mojo bag for divination rocks and bones, practice some sort of kitchen witchery like make teas or bake bread (or something), and make the foundation for my craft by creating a witches notebook. Now, I have a physical notebook, but at this moment, I’m vacationing with my husband and I have zero witchy items (besides the herbs I bought on the ride over) so I found a cool notebook app for my phone and my kindle.** Right now I just have notebooks titled “history”, “spellbound”, and “general.” I would ever if there’s a way to share them on a WordPress blog.

Honestly, I’ve never gotten into cooking – that’s always been my husband’s thing – but I think I never enjoyed cooking because I didn’t have a place to cook.

*Not that Wicca is not a mature path. I feel that outer court Wicca (the Wicca in published books) is mostly for beginners.

**I don’t usually buy electronic devices for myself. Both of these items were hand-me-down gifts. The notebook app is from the company Zoho.

2 Replies to “Homemade Witchcraft”

  1. I hate labels. I do understand though the struggle for trying to find a ‘name’ for my spirituality. I think Homespun Witch is a very accurate way to describe it. I believe that everyone’s methods, philosophies, rituals and practices are unique and very personal to them, but they all have the “Home” in common. A person’s “Home” is their circle of sanctuary. Everything you do to make that a loving, peaceful, blessed and sacred place is practicing the craft. I love the idea of crocheting a mojo bag. I also love that you’re going to keep a record of everything you do. I always wanted to make my own Witches Notebook but never did. I hope that with your own place you will take more to cooking – I really feel it is one of the most base forms of magic. I look forward to your posts! I wish that there were blogs like this 30 years ago so I wouldn’t have felt alone and limited to the published witch books! 🙂


    1. I totally agree!

      I feel that the labels available in modern paganism are infuriating. I love the word “witch”, but it has major bad associations with it that I can’t, well, associate with. So, for a while there (a long time ago) I was obsessed about finding the “right” path for me. Funny thing is I feel that I’m close to that, but it took me like five years or so.

      I should get into cooking. I have major intestinal problems so I can’t eat meat or a lot of sugar.

      “I look forward to your posts! I wish that there were blogs like this 30 years ago so I wouldn’t have felt alone and limited to the published witch books!”

      If you want, you can contact me through my email: libraandlavender[at]gmail.com. These comment sections aren’t setup to have actual conversations.


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