Discovering My Witchcraft

I’m now interested in finding a witchcraft that’s has me written all over it.

I tend to read modern pagan books for ideas, tidbits, and tricks – not as a recipe. I’m not into ceremonial magic. At one time, I studied the Golden Dawn and Qabbalah, but I felt that there were too many correspondences, rituals, and symbolism to keep track of for me.

I’ve practiced witchcraft for 15 years, but I’m now interested in finding a witchcraft that’s has me written all over it. I learned to crochet from my mother. Although, she knows how to knit and cross-stitch too, but my mom is very sick with four-stage cancer so, I try to not bother her with stuff like that.

I also decided to introduce my artsy side into my craft. I bought these really cool watercolor pencils that I used for my spellbook. Today, I decided to actually put them into my altar and use them when I create a spell.

I’m not super-sure if the label ‘feminist witch’ still applies to me. I’m definitely a feminist and a witch, but I’m not sure how I can exactly incorporate feminism into my craft that fosters the ideas and tenets of feminism. I’m working on it.

Rainbows is very important to me. The cloth underneath the witch-y supplies was crocheted from my mother after the house fire.* Each of the crochet needles have a different color and each of the pencils are (obviously) different colors. I’m a queer person. Rainbows (to me) mean all people, all colors, all sexual and gender orientations (etc) – it means equality.

Where does your magic come from? Does it come from the Lord and Lady? Does it come from yourself?

*In 2008, my parents and I experience a house fire. That cauldron was  the only thing that survived.