A Sacred Space of One’s Own

I lived with my husband* for about three years in this house and it is the first time in my life that I have a space to practice witchcraft.

When I was growing up, we all lived in a trailer. My sister got her own room. I had to sleep out in the living room.

When my parents and I finally moved to our house, I had my own room, but this was for a short time. Five years after moving in, a house fire took everything we had. We moved to a relative’s house and yes – I did have my own room, but I had no place for an altar.

At my parents’ house, before the house fire, even though I did (finally) have my own room, my mom would come in uninvited. I recall one time, when I was meditating, she nearly gave me a heart attack. Since then, I could never fully meditate without thinking someone was going to walk in at any moment.

After about a year, I moved in with a boyfriend where everything I did was nit-picked. We constantly argued about my spirituality. I kept my altar in our room, but when I wanted to practice, I had to wait until he was gone.

I finally broke it off and moved into my own apartment, but I had a crazy landlady who would go into my place. I never told her I was a witch, but she mentioned it to me a couple of times.

When I met my husband a few years ago, I wasn’t practicing witchcraft that much. So, we never really had the “conversation.” I was eye-ball deep in college trying to get my degree in Liberal Studies.

I moved into his house and he gave me my own room (it was his office) and he moved all of his stuff down into the basement. I still wasn’t practicing until about a year ago. I realized that witchcraft helps me calm down, center, and become present. Not just that, but, as a spirituality, it’s the only real thing that works for me. I like how I can actively do something about a problem and through a spell, let it go.

Every object in my altar has a story or a purpose. The cauldron survived the house fire, those Steampunk Tarot and that little Tarot deck was given to me by my mom.  I found that bird’s nest at a crazy depressed time of my life showing me that I can make any place my home. The Daughters of the Moon Tarot was a gift from a fellow witch.

It’s a little crowded in there. My mom made that rainbow blanket underneath and a friend helped me build that chest – it’s a bit small. I may ask my husband if he could help me make a bigger chest.

Anyway, I finally a place to focus, meditate, and relax. My husband knows not to walk into my room when the door is closed (even if I’m typing at my computer). We try to give each other space.

I have anxiety. I also suffer from nightmares so, since this summer, I’ve worked on meditating and spell-work every day to release sadness and depression. It’s really nice to have a space to call one’s own!

*I’m queer. I like woman and men. I don’t like the word “bisexual” it implies there are two genders.

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