Feeling Like I’m at a Crossroads

Today, I feel like I have to choose to either continue looking into the Hellenistic/Hellenic path or focus on making my witchcraft practice. *

My plan was, and this seems super grotesque now that I think of it, to make some of the Hellenistic beliefs and practices a foundation of my witchcraft path. This would not make me a Hellenistic Pagan, just some witch using Hellenistic ideas, magic, and practices, which is fine by me.

What my shrine looks like now. Hecate’s candle is the black candle and Hestia’s candle is the pink one. Hecate’s offering box has spells and rituals from this month that will be sacrificed at the next dark moon.

From what I’ve read, I love the Hellenismos path. It almost brings me to tears thinking about how beautiful the path is and I thought about becoming a Hellenistic Pagan myself because I feel that you should honor the Gods as they are supposed to be worshiped. And so, I’ve been studying how to do that.

However, if I wanted to pursue Hellenismos as a religious path, I’d have to dedicate all of my free time that is usually reserved for witchery, crocheting, and video gaming to the Hellenistic path only, which I would be willing to do if I choose this path.

However (again), throughout my short time studying Hellenismos, I’ve felt stressed and anxious about doing the wrong thing, which is, because I have an anxiety disorder, is a bad thing for me.

I think for now, I’d like to continue to create my own witchcraft practice with the Hellenismos system in mind. I’d like to honor the Gods in a way that feels right to me.

*Sorry if this post makes no sense. I’m just trying to work some stuff out.


Yesterday I Didn’t Blog

Yesterday, I did a small ritual celebrating summer solstice. I know, I know – I’m way past due. The day that I wanted to celebrate this day I was sick with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and it took me a while to recover.

Anyway, I made a very quick ritual asking for a productive year as the days wane.

For the ritual, I honored Hecate and Hestia and used a tea light as a sacred flame. I wanted to keep the sacred flame burning, but for fire safety I put it out and decided to use the candle cozy I made for Hestia’s candle and turn it into a representation of a sacred flame. Also Her candle flame was eating away at the wax so much that I worried that too would cause a fire.

(While fire is pretty important to my spirituality, I lost a home in a house fire. Fortunately, it wasn’t caused by candles.)

I gave Hecate some hot cider and Hestia lavender tea. The downside to this is that I’m using Hestia’s libation bowl as a sacred flame holder, but I figured that I could use a couple of my glass herb containers as offering containers for both Hecate and Hestia.

Working on my Book

Yesterday, I worked on my notebook. I decided to take the book apart and put it into a binder I had for school. When I’m finished writing and illustrating the book, (I’m thinking that it will take me about a year), I can bind the pages all together and actually have a book!

When I’m done, I can do some sort of flip-through. I love the idea of writing the book in a different language because my husband likes to help me do my crafts, which is really nice, but he ends up reading what I’ve written. So, with the help of Google Translate, which may or may not give me the correct translation, I’m writing the book in Greek.


It’s a lot of fun! I’d love to actually learn the language, but I’m still in college (my college doesn’t offer a Greek language class). So, for right now, I’m using Google!

New Month and New Year!

Just some thoughts…

Technically, today is Hecate’s Deipnon,* but because I wasn’t sure on what I was doing this weekend, I preformed a new moon ritual a couple days before.

However, yesterday, my husband and I made a relationship contract where we went over what we want, don’t want, will or won’t do for the coming month, which was totally unplanned thing – he just gave me a link on it and asked what I thought. I think this is a great way to bring on the new month!

It’s so weird to that I just started discovering Hellenismos and it’s (according to Wikipedia) the new Athenian year! Again, according to Wiki, now, it’s the Hekatombaion month (just after Summer Solstice and the new moon!).

*Update: Today is Noumenia for me. Nevermind!

The Altar and Shrine

Yesterday, while at a book sale, I found those gems: Iliad and Odyssey. I also found Oxford’s Greek Plays, which I thought would be interesting to read. I was on the look out for Hesiod’s Theogony, but no dice!

Anyway, I created some type of shrine above my altar. I can only put an altar/shrine in my bedroom since this is the only place where I am free to do just about anything. I share a house with a non-pagan (he’s pretty non-religious too) so, I put a shrine to Hestia and Hecate at the top.

The statue is G. Ruggeri I got from a thrift store years ago. It would have to be after the house fire, so, I was probably around 19 or 20 when I found it. I had no idea it was a collectible! Although, I don’t know what the statue is of.  Maybe you can help me figure it out?

I thought she’d fit right in. To me, I feel she’s a muse of some sort.

How it went 

For my first new moon ritual, I honored both Hestia and Hecate.

In the morning, during my daily devotional, I asked Hecate to guide my thoughts and actions today so, I won’t disrespect anyone. I left offerings of food and herbs in Hecate’s box.

In the box, I gave her food from my breakfast and lunch. I tend not to eat dinner because of my IBS (I also get up very early to start the day) so, I thought some of my food from my breakfast and lunch would be OK. I left the box on my altar and cleaned my sacred space and the house.

I did a little ritual where I lit a white votive candle with all the things I didn’t want to bring in the next month and prayed to both Hestia and Hecate. I just spoke from the heart and thanked them. I had a personal experience with Hecate years ago that I acknowledged in the ritual.

I used a black candle for Hecate and the pink one for Hestia. I decided to leave the votive candle on for a while to burn away all the bad or disrespectful things I’ve done and welcome the new month. After the ritual, I did some more cleaning.

Then all of a sudden, I decided to finish the ritual. With which I took some of  the liquid items (I offered some hot cider and ice cream) outside at the “crossroads” of where my driveway and the walkway meet.

I blew out the white candle and sacrificed it to Hecate (I put it in Her box) while trying to be as respectful as I could. The moment I was done with the ritual, my husband came upstairs and walked in to ask me if I wanted to get a new mirror (he had no idea what I was doing). So, we went out to shopping (apparently, he wanted new clothes too).

It was a nice way to end the day’s spiritual events. I was a bit stressed about it, but I think next time I’ll be better prepared!

Hecate’s Dark Moon Ritual

Where I make a ritual loosely based on Hecate’s Diepnon,* which looks like it’s tomorrow the 23rd, but I might end up doing it tonight because tomorrow looks to be a busy day for me.

For the first part of the ritual, I plan on cleaning the house today and tomorrow, and both my altar and shrine. While doing this, giving Her some of the remains from my bedroom and magical cleaning in a Mason jar cap in a little wooden box I bought years ago (I didn’t want the dirt and other offerings to get mixed up with the food because of the ick factor). I also wanted to sacrifice some old spells that I did last month. One in particular was inspired by obsession.

The crossroads thing and the not looking back is seriously hanging me up though. I’d like to use my driveway, but it’d be extremely difficult for me to go outside and not have someone watch me or hear the door open, and not to look outside for the duration of the night or the day. I know this would probably be at night, but my husband, who by the way, is a non-magical person and goes to bed at 2 am in the morning, would ask me why I am going outside!

So, I thought maybe I could go somewhere and put offerings there, however, I’d have to carry items with me. I don’t know about you, but I live in very densely populated area. People are going to see me carry a box with me. This isn’t going to be deipnon to a “T”, but I’d like to be respectful.

So, I thought about it and I believe my altar/shrine to be at a crossroads (between the worlds) so I feel that makes it so much more powerful. Although, this is a bad idea too because this is my altar/shrine in my room – I’m going to have to look at them sooner or later.

I tend not to eat dinner so late. So, I was thinking of making some lavender tea or hot cider (which I love!) for Her and I, and before the ritual give it to Hecate. I’m not sure where I’d like to put this offering. I did make an offering plate and painted it, however, the paint comes off when I pour hot liquid in it, so I cleaned it and decided to use it as a candle holder instead.

I thought I can put some of my breakfast sandwich (also something I love to eat – it’s also egg and cheese sandwich so, that kind of works) in the little offering box for Her.

I think I like the box idea because then I don’t have to “look” into it once I give my offerings. I read that it was bad luck to look back when the supper is placed to the dead. However, I’m going to need to clean out the box sooner or later, so I think I should do that the next day or at least when the waxing moon comes.

For a while, I was on the look out for a black dog statue or figurine** to “sacrifice” to Hecate, but I found something that could be better. I realize yesterday that I have a votive candles can I use and inscribe one of them with all the stuff I don’t want to bring in to the next month such as fearobsession, and anxiety. 

The candle can be lit to release any bad deeds that I may have committed against Hecate and while it’s going, do some divination.


I feel like I’m bumbling around in the dark, which is fitting since it’s the new moon! I feel like everything I do is disrespectful. Today, the candle I usually use for Hecate broke my mirror. I had a mirror over my cauldron and I put candles inside because of fire safety and the flame was too tall and it cracked the mirror. Hopefully, it’s not an ill omen, but physics since that candle is larger and has a longer wick.

So, I’m using a black candle for Hecate now, which is the same size as Hestia’s candle. I plan on using a white candle for Hecate during the full moon.

This is my first time doing something like this so, I hope I’m doing it right by Her. Again, I feel like I’m in the dark. I set up my offering box, but as I was putting the jar cap inside some offering powder fell out. Unfortunately, I have a carpet floor so, this may or may not end up back in the box. I think I’m just going to leave the offerings out for now and put them in the offering box during the ritual!

I’m still pretty upset and re-did my devotional to Hecate today, and She told me or at least I think She did “to not to worry and do the ritual as I want.” I’m still a little stressed though 😦

However, besides the crossroads thing, I feel that a new moon ritual like this a great start on creating my own path.

* I’m not going to call it that for myself and my path. I’m not a Hellenistic pagan, although, now, I’m Hellenistic-influenced 🙂

**I think I’m going to use this little dog statue as a representation of the Agathos Daimon instead.

Note: some of these ritual steps and tools may change. This is just a place to gather my thoughts together for the new moon ritual.

Update:  I think for this, at least for me, this kind of ritual is an all-day thing with a ritual at night.